That’s today!

Today marks the day in 1821 when the Greeks rose up against the Ottoman Empire which had occupied Greece for nearly four hundred years.  Hence, Greek Independence Day.  Boston always has a Greek Independence Day Parade where hundreds of Greeks congregate to celebrate, which I believe is being held in April this year.  I marched IN the parade once, dressed in a full blown Greek costume.


I remember when we were growing up, my mother would have us make Greek flags out of blue and white construction paper to honor the day.  Fun little arts and crafts project, why not?

She also would dress my brother and I up in matching (but reverse) outfits so WE would look like Greek flags.  Just in case the neighbors forgot our heritage?

Probably a little much, but now we have this gem of a picture to laugh at.  Thanks, Mom.

Taking a poll!  What’s the best part of this picture?

Enjoy the day!  Back tonight with a weekend wrap up.  🙂