Embrace flexible nutrition, learn to cook healthy foods you’ll love to eat, and still have Sundays to yourself. 

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Your mornings are rushed, so you tend to either skip breakfast or just pick up a bagel at Dunkin Donuts on the way to work.
  • You are a stay at home mom or busy entrepreneur working from home, and you sometimes feel so busy that sometimes you forget to eat lunch. Or maybe you end up eating a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You graze, but never really eat anything substantial most of the day.
  • You are sick and tired of eating the same foods all the time. You feel that your nutrition falls to the back burner out of boredom more than anything else, but you just don’t know what other foods you can make to get you out of a rut and still be in line with your nutrition goals.  
  • After a long day, you almost never feel like cooking at night. Frozen dinners, takeout, and mac and cheese are all common occurrences in your home because you are too tired or don’t have enough time to get another meal on the table.
  • You spend your entire Sunday afternoon or weekend stressing over what you are going to eat the following week, and if you don’t prep all your food ahead of time, you get anxious and panic that you’ll be “falling off the wagon.”

If you relate to any of the above, then Master Your Meal Prep is for you.

Master Your Meal Prep is not just about getting new recipes, although that’s a fun part of this course!

It’s the solution for your time management and nutrition struggles alike.

It’s how you will stop dreading food and start feeling excited about your meals instead.

It’s how you will learn to have a more empowered eating approach. Nothing about spending hours in the kitchen obsessively weighing and measuring boring foods into Tupperware containers screams empowered or sustainable!

Master Your Meal Prep is the program that will provide you with the basic tools you need to gain confidence in the kitchen, equip you with endless simple meal ideas that take little time to prepare, and will teach you exactly how to simplify nutrition for optimal fat-burning so that after you eat you feel energized and satisfied instead of sluggish and hungry again just 2 hours later.

Here’s what you can expect after you complete the Master Your Meal Prep course:

  • LASTING + SIMPLIFIED NUTRITION HABITS. The changes you will implement during this program will carry on well beyond the program end. In fact, I constantly hear from my MYMP graduates that the changes they made are now permanent healthy habits that they don’t even think about anymore. Every single tool, tip, and strategy provided in the course is sustainable, maintainable, and designed to help automate your eating so it feels effortless.
  • TIME AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Nobody has time to spend all day in the kitchen or to constantly be thinking about what they are going to eat, stressing about when they’ll get to the store, and dreading when they’ll have to cook. It’s exhausting, life is too short, and you’re busier doing bigger and better things. Master Your Meal Prep will help you balance your time and energy so that planning and prepping your food doesn’t take over your life!
  • FOOD FLEXIBILITY. You’ll learn how to let go of meal prep as a nutritional crutch and discover exactly how to navigate your food choices when all your food ISN’T prepped ahead of time. All my Type A peeps have found this aspect of the course particularly freeing, and they are just loving having their Sundays back for friends, family, and fun instead of slaving over a stove and planning out every bite of the week. Master Your Meal Prep also comes with zero “eat this, not that” rules, so part of your newfound food flexibility includes finding the way of eating that works for you! 
  • THE MOST ORGANIZED KITCHEN IN TOWNSeriously. By the end of the program, you’ll find it hard to believe that you ever felt all over the place with this stuff! Your planning will take 5 minutes, your cabinets and drawers won’t drive you crazy, and you won’t need to make as many trips to the grocery store throughout the week!

Hi, I’m Athena Concannon, fitness and lifestyle coach, owner and founder of Achieve with Athena, and creator of Master Your Meal Prep.

Oh, and I’m a pretty big foodie too, now that food isn’t something that stresses me out! 

My mission is to help women use fitness and nutrition as tools for becoming strong in both mind and body and stepping into their best, most empowered selves. After working in the fitness and corporate wellness industry for over 10 years, I’ve seen far too many rigid programs out there that simply don’t set us up for success and actually leave us feeling completely disempowered instead of the other way around.

The concept of meal prep can go either way. Setting aside time to prep food for my week 100% plays a big part in my ability to make nutritious food choices, and I frequently recommend it as just one of many nutrition tools for my clients. However, I always recommend with caution because I’m not a big fan of letting the meal planning/prepping process take over our lives and not allow for any flexibility whatsoever. This used to be the case for me!

I started meal prepping when I was working full-time, blogging as a side hobby, teaching a few fitness classes a week, and taking on another part-time job to boot. I struggled to find time to prepare healthy meals for myself during the week and declared Sundays would be my food prep day. This worked for a while: I temporarily felt more in control of my nutrition, and all was good. Until it wasn’t.

I soon began to feel a sense of impeding doom on Sundays. I had developed so much anxiety about making sure everything was ready for the week, and I wanted every single meal and snack for the next five days prepped and ready to go. Anything less than that seemed like a failure to me.

This was 100% an all or nothing way of thinking. I felt that if I did it, ALL of it, then I’d be able to eat healthy. If I didn’t, then I assumed my nutrition would be out the window and my entire week would be off. 

Meal prep, something that was supposed to prevent stress in the first place, just ended up causing me MORE stress. And cooking and playing around with new recipes, things I once really enjoyed doing, were no longer FUN to me. Both involved too much work upfront, they didn’t allow me to learn how to listen to my body’s natural hunger cues or get in touch with my cravings, and I almost NEVER felt like eating what I had prepped six days ahead of time, so more often than not all that food went to waste! 

Eventually I forced myself to take a step back. I slowly began allowing myself to leave some things un-prepped. I started focusing on what my own personal nutritional struggles were, and I only prepped around those areas for a while. I played around with many different meal prep strategies until I figured out what type of meal prep was best for ME and finally started feeling excited about food again.

And now I want to share the strategies that helped me with YOU!

Meal prep doesn’t have to be our end all be all,  but we also don’t have to abandon the idea all together because it 100% can be a very helpful tool for those of us with super busy schedules and watching our wallets. It just has to be implemented in a way that’s efficient, effective, and ENJOYABLE. That’s where I come in! 

Regardless of whether you relate more to the all side of things and are ready to find some food freedom, or you relate more to the just needing some simple strategies to get started with the most challenging parts of your day to day, I’ve got you.

What does Master Your Meal Prep include?

Master Your Meal Prep is an online, self-paced course with the program material drip-fed over the course of 6 weeks. Here’s what you’ll get during this time:

  • Weekly email education. The series is designed to help you resolve your individual nutritional challenges by integrating efficient food prep methods that fit your lifestyle and your schedule, no matter how busy you are.
  • Over 100 fat-loss friendly recipes. Each week of the series has a different recipe theme, and every recipe included in the program was created with ease, flavor, AND nutrition in mind.
  • The Master Your Meal Prep Toolkit. Includes nutrition considerations, pantry staples guide, freezer inventory worksheet, quick reference cooking guide, recommended kitchen tools and appliances list, and more, all in downloadable formats.
  • Video trainings. Supplemental technique demos and motivational check ins will be provided throughout the program to allow you to see things done in real-time and enhance your learning experience.

Master Your Meal Prep is a good fit for you if:

  • You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen prepping food every week.
  • You feel overwhelmed with the concept of meal prep, don’t know where to begin, and are looking for the right tools to get started with a few simple steps.
  • You struggle with nutrition and want a more empowering solution that doesn’t involve going on a diet, counting calories, taking weight loss pills, or depriving yourself.
  • You feel anxious about the thought of navigating food decisions without meal prep complete.
  • You feel stuck in a rut, bored with your food, and/or want new simple and healthy meal and snack ideas.
  • You DO like spending time in the kitchen and just want some fun new ideas and strategies at your disposal!

Master Your Meal Prep is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • You want a customized meal plan.
  • You want a program that tells you exactly what to eat instead of one that takes a more intuitive approach.
  • You are solely interested in a quick fix and the numbers on the scale as opposed to habit change.
  • You want 1:1 nutrition or weight loss coaching.
  • You aren’t ready to try new things or willing to do the homework each week. 

If you ARE ready and 100% committed to making positive lifestyle changes, then I invite you to grab this course for only $49 below!

Simply click the button below, make your payment, and within 20 minutes you will receive an email outlining all your next steps.

What are #MasterYourMealPrep graduates saying about the program?

Athena’s philosophy is all about embracing what works for you, and as a result, there’s really something in it for everyone. I started with her #MasterYourMealPrep course last fall, and it rearranged my mindset around my weekly dread of Sunday meal planning, introduced me to some foods I had never used, and provided our family with a host of new “keepers.” Since then, I’ve enjoyed the engagement of her online community, and every new product she releases just gets better and better. The lessons learned are so universal and accessible, and the recipes so simple, varied and delicious, that Athena has become a household name to my wife and daughter, as well!”

I just want to say that thanks to the planning tips I learned in Master Your Meal Prep, I’ve eaten more side salads in the past few weeks than I have in YEARS. And I’ve had REAL dinners almost every night! It feels good to prepare actual meals with protein and veggies as opposed to eating a dinner of peanut butter and granola bars. I actually feel like a real adult! Cooking doesn’t have to be scary, cleanup doesn’t have to be scary, and really, I’m just not scared of the kitchen anymore.

#MasterYourMealPrep helped me develop the habit of always having raw veggies cut up in a container in the fridge, along with kind of yummy dip made with Greek yogurt. So now instead of grabbing the salty snacks like I used to when I come home hungry, I fill a plate with veggies and dip to munch on while I think about what else I can eat for dinner.

Since taking the course, I haven’t had a single sugary store-bought granola bar, and the freezer inventory idea has changed my life. Not only am I saving money now that I know what I have already in the house, but with my new habit of putting leftovers in individual meal-sized containers and writing them down as I put them in the freezer, I now have pretty much a ‘menu’ on my counter with all kinds of options when it’s time to think about the next meal. 

 The changes I made because of #MasterYourMealPrep have become permanent habits that I hardly even think about anymore. For anyone out there who is interested in improving their eating habits, needs ideas for efficient meal prep, wants access to some amazing, yet practical recipes, and longs for some wonderful support and guidance in the journey, #MasterYourMealPrep is for you. I’m so grateful for all the knowledge and experience Athena shared with us –  it was exactly what I needed to feel more organized at that time in my life!

“Thank you for putting the #MasterYourMealPrep program together! Not only did it give me new recipe ideas and a new stress-free approach to my meal prep, but it helped me get over my intense fear of carbs. Before this program, I was trying to keep my carb intake to under 100-150grams/day. That only made me binge on carbs (not the good kind) because I felt so deprived. Now I’m enjoying fruits, muffins made with alternative flours, and quinoa and farro in moderation. No more fear! Now I understand that I need good, healthy carbs in my diet to look/feel good and I stopped worrying about a number.”

“I always thought meal prep was about spending a full weekend day preparing an entire week’s worth of food. It seemed so overwhelming. Now I know that it’s okay for meal prep to be something different for each person. And that it can keep changing week to week! I originally joined #MasterYourMealPrep to take boredom out of cooking, find new healthy ideas for snacks and meals, and figure out why my joy of cooking had changed. I am happy to be making progress on all of this and so thrilled to renew my love of Greek cooking!!”

Simply click the button below, make your payment, and within 20 minutes you will receive an email outlining all your next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click the button below, make your payment, and within 20 minutes you will receive an email outlining all your next steps.

Do I have to set aside an entire weekend day to prep food as part of this program?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, this program teaches people how to AVOID all that unnecessary time in the kitchen! Regardless of whether you prep for as little as five minutes or as long as two to three hours, or whether you prep on a Sunday or a Thursday, or whether you prep in pieces or all at once, as long as what you are doing helps make your life and nutrition easier in some way, you WILL be successful with this program.  ttings.

What topics are included in the course curriculum?

Each week, you will receive one educational email focused around the topics listed below. Each week builds upon the last, so you don’t lose sight of the earlier content as the program progresses.

  • Week 1: Identifying nutritional struggles + your meal prep personality
  • Week 2: Fat loss 101 + listening to your body
  • Week 3: Planning essentials + how to make food taste good
  • Week 4: Time saving kitchen hacks + storage and food safety
  • Week 5: Lessons in leftovers
  • Week 6: Keeping things sane, letting go of control, and having fun!
What types of recipes and meal ideas are included in the program?

Each week of the program includes a different recipe + food focus:

  • Week 1: Cooking basics
  • Week 2: Breakfast
  • Week 3: Soups, salads, and sides
  • Week 4: Crock pot, casseroles,
  • and other mains
  • Week 5: Snacks and sweets
  • Week 6: DIY
Are there any required kitchen tools or gadgets that I need to purchase before the program?

Nope! As part of the MYMP toolkit, you will receive a list of kitchen tools that do help make cooking more efficient, but none are a requirement for participating

What happens after I sign up?

Upon signup, you will receive a welcome email from Athena containing all the information you need to get started.

Is this for women only?

Nope! Fellas welcome! 

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email me at info@achievewithathena.com, and we’ll get you squared away! 

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