Hey guys.  With everything that went down in Boston on Friday, Tim and I didn’t end up getting away for the weekend as we had hoped.  We live in one of the cities that was on lockdown, about a mile and a half from where the suspect was found in the boat in someone’s backyard.  We were too nervous to leave in the morning and didn’t feel like celebrating when our home was going through such a nightmare, so we just stayed put and tried to work from home while stuck inside.  We will reschedule our celebrating of Tim’s 28th for another time.  I’m so happy the suspect was caught, but I know we have a long way to go in finding the answers we need.  Boston definitely deserves to rejoice and celebrate; however I don’t want to forget all the friends and family members of those who were killed or injured in last week’s events.  It’s terrible.  The MIT cop, Sean Collier, was from my hometown and went to my high school.  I didn’t know him personally, but since Wilmington is such a tight-knit community, I knew enough people and families who did, and my heart just breaks for them.  That being said, I hope everyone can find some peace in Boston Strong.  We are a resilient and strong city, and I know we will come back stronger than ever from this.

<awkward transition here>

Today I want to share with you some of the food/meals we ate last week:

Eats During Week of 4/7

Remember that I don’t photograph everything I eat, and I don’t like to share every single snack, just the highlights.  Last week’s main lunch choice was the quinoa sweet potato salad you see in the collage above, and a noteworthy breakfast was Saturday morning’s chocolate chip sweet potato pancakes.

Our dinners were only slightly off from what we planned last week:

  • Sunday:  Spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs
  • Monday:  Spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs for me / turkey meatball sub for Tim
  • Tuesday:  Really made that spaghetti squash stretch….
  • Wednesday:  Salad with grilled steak for me, steak sandwich for Tim
  • Thursday:  Birthday cupcakes with a side of crab dinner and salad
  • Friday:  Lockdown mode is when meal prep fails you — we just had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner
  • Saturday:  Out for dinner at Cambridge 1 after being cooped up too long

Cambridge 1

The pizzas we had last night were unreal!  Highly recommend this place for my local readers.

F&F Meal Plan:  Week of 4/21

This week’s meal plan looks like this:

Meal Plan Week of 4/21

That chicken/artichoke skillet was actually on last week’s meal plan, but we didn’t end up making it because we ended up having more than enough other food.

The grocery list looked like this:

Grocery List Week of 4/21

For a total of $49.52.  Not too shabby.  We stocked up on Chobani last week and already have chicken and some other main ingredients in the house, so that definitely cut down on the bill.

Let’s chat!  Did you have any noteworthy eats last week that you’d like to share?  Any fun meals planned for the week ahead?  Are you guys finding these Sunday food posts helpful?

I’m off to do my Sunday night food prep.  Catch you guys tomorrow!