Mediocre Makeover


You’re already doing your fitness just fine. Now let’s do it better!

Just in time for spring, the 5x5x5 Mediocre Makeover Challenge will help you revive your routine and kick your current fitness habits up a notch!

We will be covering movement, nutrition, meal prep, self care, and mindset in this challenge because each of these areas is essential for creating a legit fit lifestyle that you LOVE living. Often, if 1 area is off, they all feel a little off!

Mediocre Makeover is for the woman who does NOT want to settle when it comes to her health.

Your participation gets you 5 days, 5 areas of your health and fitness, and 5 new strategies you will want to implement RIGHT away to strengthen your commitment to your healthy life!

And for my competitive friends, we’re going to add a little prize incentive to sweeten the deal. 😉

During this free challenge, you will uncover:

    Next level secrets to getting max results in the gym to ensure you’re continuously challenging yourself. You want to feel confident that what you are doing is productive and worthwhile so all that hard work isn’t actually a waste of your precious time! I’ll be sharing some exact workout ideas for you to try!

    The most common nutrition tweaks I make with my clients that get them the body changes they want to see without having to go on a diet. You want to ensure that what you consider healthy is, in fact, actually healthy, and you want to know if there’s anything more or less you should be doing! These are suuuuuper simple changes that won’t feel restrictive in the LEAST!

    Strategies for easy peasy meal prep, including how to help you go from bland and boring to OMG that was DELICIOUS. I’ll be sharing exactly how we flavor our food and always seem to have delicious ingredients on hand to throw together, and I’ll be giving you some new recipe ideas to add to your arsenal.

    The thing EVERYONE forgets when it comes to managing stress and the self care side of things. I’ll be revealing some of the exact considerations for an effective morning routine that will set your day up for success and leave you feeling in control of your health and fitness, which in turn will leave you feeling level-headed and present throughout all the things you have to give your attention to in your busy day to day.

    The #1 reason you often end up feeling disappointed in yourself and exactly what to do about it so that you can continue to move forward and not let beating yourself up stop you in your tracks. This one is powerful, you won’t want to miss it!

Sound awesome? It is! Here are the logistics you need to know:

  • The challenge will take place from Monday4/8 through Friday 4/12.

  • It will be held right in my private Facebook group, The Legit Fit Lifestyle Lounge.

  • Every morning at 5:30am EST, you will receive an email to your inbox with that day’s focus area + challenge check in options. Then each day I will go LIVE in the Facebook group at noon EST to talk more about the daily topic and give you all the goods! All LIVE trainings will have the replays posted for those who can’t watch in real time.

  • Your challenge will be to complete at least 1 of the day’s recommended challenge check ins by posting in the group and telling us what you did, sharing a picture, sharing an insight, etc.

  • Each challenge check in post you share gets you 1 point. The person with the most points at the end of the challenge will win a Legit Fit Prize Pack with items hand selected for you by Athena!

To join the challenge, click the button below:

You’ll receive an email with next steps right to your inbox within the next 10-15 minutes. PLEASE be sure to check your spam and promotions folders so you don’t miss it!

Meet Your Mediocre Makeover Coach!

My name is Athena Concannon, and I’m a 9-5 corporate wellness coordinator turned international online fitness + nutrition coach. I use my signature S.E.L.F Framework to help time-strapped, perfectionist women get unstuck from the limiting beliefs holding them back so they can get strong and empowered, take their current fitness to new levels, and feel proud of their healthy lives as they become their best selves. The average 10-15 pound weight loss that my clients usually see is simply an added bonus!

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and know that you might feel like you are doing all the right things when it comes to your health.

But I also know that because you like to do things perfectly (you ARE a go getter, after all), you don’t want to miss out on a single way that you might be able to make small tweaks and improvements to make your current fitness (whatever that might be!) even more awesome than it already is.

Participating in Mediocre Makeover is an amazing opportunity to pinpoint what these exact areas might be for you so that you can continuously grow and level up.

You are going to LOVE the tips and strategies I share with you, and I look forward to coaching you and spending this time with you!

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