Hello, friends.

It’s been a few days since I’ve written.  I’ve been down the Cape with my girlfriends enjoying the sun, food, and drinks.  I promise to do a full Cape Weekend post soon!  It’s going to be a good one, I promise, so keep your eyes out for it.

But first, tonight’s bootcamp workout:


  • 1 jogging lap
  • Lower body stretch
  • 10 jumping jacks, 10 high knees
  • 1 jogging lap
  • Upper body stretch
  • 10 jumping jacks, 10 high knees

Stations Round 1

(Here I split the group up and had a few people at 5 different stations, rotating through)

  • Station 1:  Pushups
  • Station 2:  Plie Squats – 3 pulses and 1 jump
  • Station 3:  Plank Hop Ins
  • Station 4:  Regular Squats, feet together
  • Station 5:  Tricep Dips on bench

Do each station for 60 seconds.  Repeat whole circuit a second time, this time 30 seconds at each.


  • 1 jogging lap

Game #1

  • Split group up into 4 equal teams and have each team stand at one corner of the field
  • One person from each team at a time:  Sprints into center, picks up a cone, jogs backward to rest of team, and passes off the cone.  Next person sprints to center with cone, then backwards jog and hands the cone off.  Last person sprints to center with cone, puts the cone down, and jogs backwards.  When teammates are not running in the center with the cone, they are doing jumping jacks.
  • Finish with everyone doing jumping jacks all together, winning team doesn’t have to do as many.  

Stations Round 2

(Same as before, rotating through each station first for 60 seconds, then 30 seconds)

  • Station 1:  Bicep Curls
  • Station 2:  Squat Jumps
  • Station 3:  Weighted Oblique Drops
  • Station 4:  Lateral Raises
  • Station 5:  Plank Hop Side to Side


  • 1 jogging lap

Game #2

  • Same teams as Game #1, starting in each corner.  Teammates do jumping jacks when not running in center.
  • This time, high knees into the middle.  Then 5 pushups and sprint back.  No cones involved.
  • At the end, everyone but the winning team had to perform one more high knees in, 5 more pushups, and one more sprint back to the start.

Ground Work

  • Outer Thigh:  Side leg lifts, then pulse, then rotate forward and back, then straighten legs and circles front and back.
  • Inner Thigh:  Inner thigh lift, up and down.  Then pulses.  Then 2 pulses and one lift up and down for 8 reps.
  • Repeat outer/inner on other leg.
  • Abs:  Regular crunches with feet on the floor.
  • Abs:  Regular crunches with feet lifted, knees over hips.
  • Abs:  Bicycles – Slow singles, then holding on each side, back to slow singles, then double time.
  • Abs:  Hold legs straight out in front of you with feet raised 6 inches off the floor.

Cooldown / Stretch

My personal workout today wasn’t as intense, unfortunately.  I still don’t want to push it with my shoulder, so I gymed it before work today and did 45 minutes on the elliptical.  20 minutes good pace, 20 minutes of sprint intervals, 5 minute cool down.  I did the ground work with bootcamp tonight so that was my inner/outer thigh and ab work for the day.  The rest of the time I was demonstrating and correcting form, keeping time, setting up stations, etc.

The class did a great job.  I’m excited to plan bootcamp #3 for Thursday.

I’m off to bed – too tired to write anymore tonight.

P.S.  Wish me luck teaching my very first Kix class tomorrow!  Eeek!