Even though I did a bunch of fun things this weekend and REALLY appreciated my day off, I want to take a moment and recognize the real meaning of Memorial Day as well.  To all those men and women who have served our country — thank you. 


Here’s a recap of my weekend!  I get bad blogger points for Friday and Saturday, as I didn’t take a single picture from either day.  Oops.

Friday Night
Tim and I went to Winchester to visit his sister.  We spent the night there, and then headed back early Saturday morning for some beach time.

We spent the day at Winthrop Beach (the same beach I went to last weekend) with our friends Slesh, Will, Mastro, and Steve.  Saturday was expected to be the best beach day of the weekend, but the weather people lied.  It was a fun day, but the sun was going in and out the whole time.  We still got a solid four plus hours in though!

Saturday Night
…was pretty low-key.  Tim and I went for a quick dinner on the Deep Ellum outdoor patio.  I drank sangria, we ordered mussels for an app (I seriously cannot get enough mussels in my life), and I loaded up on greens with the “Green Goddess” salad.  Sidenote:  The name of the salad reminded me of my old high school (and embarrassingly college) AIM screen-name.  GrkGoddess885.  LOSER.  ALERT.  Anyways, the Green Goddess was a tasty mix of arugula, house smoked bacon, asparagus, pickled grapes, chickpeas, tomatoes, and fried egg but it wasn’t anything special.  Tim continued his night out with some friends after our dinner, but I called it a night at 9:30 because I was SO tired.

Tim and I parked over at the Christian Herter Park near Soldiers Field Road and the Charles River and went for a long walk.  We walked all the way from there to Harvard Square, which Google Maps tells me is about a mile and half walk.  We took some pictures of the pretty scenery and enjoyed an outdoor lunch at Charlies Kitchen in their beer garden.  The food was NOT good, but more on that later.  Definitely sticking to only drinks at Charlies from now on!  We walked back along Memorial Drive which was closed to car traffic due to the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon that took place that morning.  It was nice.


Sunday Night
When we got back to my apartment, we lounged on the porch for a bit.  Had some popsicles, then decided to host an impromptu BBQ on Tim’s deck.  Spent the rest of the night with friends, the grill, lots of laughs, and lots of Sweet Tea Vodka + lemonades + seltzers.  If you haven’t tried this drink, go make yourself one.  I don’t care what time it is.  The BBQ menu consisted of:

Un-pictured:  Red grapes, blue corn chips, and a salad with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato.

Corn salsa + Trader Joe’s Quinoa and Black Bean chips (unreal):

Three different types of containered salads:

Kabobs with grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, grilled mushrooms, and grilled Brussel sprouts:

Cheeseburgers made with this recipe except we used beef instead of ground turkey:

And a return of the hamburger cake (original hamburger cake was EXACTLY one year ago!):

When deciding what to eat, I made sure to think about the “How to Survive Grilling Season” tips I shared with you on Friday.  Since I couldn’t keep my paws out of the Trader Joe’s chips, I decided to go bunless for my burger and I steered clear of the fatty pasta and potato salads.  They just weren’t as important for me to eat as those chips were with Tim’s unbelievable corn salsa.  I did have a sliver of hamburger cake, but just a sliver!!

My plate:

Fun night!!

Confession:  I’m pre-writing this blog post on Tuesday night to have ready to post on Wednesday morning.  I just realized how late it’s getting, so I’m cutting my weekend recap short.  You guys will have to stay tuned for Memorial Day itself.  For now, it’s time for this girl to get some sleep.

Anyone have any fun Memorial Day Weekend stories they’d like to share?  Did anyone practice any of my grilling tips at any BBQs this weekend?  Did anyone else have an embarrassing screen-name back in the day?