Move It March Challenge


Get motivated. Get moving. Get results.


Just in time for spring, Move It March will help you revive your routine and kick your current fitness habits up a notch!

This challenge is for you if:

💪🏼You want some extra accountability and support for getting your workouts and non-training movement in.

💪🏼You are looking for something a little different to up the fun factor of your fitness routine over the next few weeks and spice things up a bit.

💪🏼You want to learn more about how to increase and maintain your workout motivation for the long haul, especially for those days or weeks or months you just aren't feeling it!

And for my competitive friends, we’re going to add a little prize incentive to sweeten the deal. 😉

To join the challenge, click the button below:

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Here are the logistics you need to know:

The challenge will take place from Sunday 3/1 through Tuesday 3/31. You get 31 days of participation!

The cost to join is $40 for the entire 4+ weeks, so you have a little skin in the game. It's easy to join something for free and then do NOTHING WITH IT! I want women who are committed and going to follow through. This breaks down to $1.29 per day, less than a daily coffee, probably less than a new sweater or purse!

Each person in the challenge will pledge to complete a certain # of workouts throughout the month of March. Then we'll see how many workouts we can complete as a GROUP! This will help put you on the hook a bit for accountability and getting it DONE!

The workouts you choose to do can be the ones I provide for the group, or they can be ones you are already doing, or a mix of both! You can still be going to your favorite group exercise classes, running, etc. and still participate. The point of Move It March isn't WHAT you do, it's just that you do something. The name of the game is consistency and showing up for yourself!

Each person in the challenge will also set ONE main focus goal for the month. This might be adding some strength training to your current cardio workouts, it might be working on your squat depth, it might be going for walks at lunchtime to increase your non-training movement, maybe it's getting workouts done at home if you can't make it to a class. This will help you stay focused and not get distracted by a million other goals at once. I will help coach you day by day to improve in your specific focus area!

The challenge will be held in my Empowered Together Coaching Club's private Facebook group, which gives you the chance to see what my group membership program is all about while participating in the challenge. You'll be a part of a very supportive and encouraging community of other like-minded women.This alone can help up the fun factor with your fitness! At the end of the month, you'll have the option to remain a member of our community for only $40 per month before membership costs increase!

At the end of the month, there will be PRIZES! I will be giving away 2 $40 gift cards to a health + fitness related store of your choice or your favorite restaurant to grab a healthy meal (like Sweetgreen). So you can essentially win back your $40 investment by participating! 

Yes! Sign me up for Move It March!

During this challenge, you will receive:

    You will receive a 4 week workout plan consisting of both cardio + strength workouts that can be done in 40 minutes or less, either at home or in the gym, depending on your preference. The workouts come with video tutorials that will take the guesswork out of what to do. 

    I will be available Monday-Friday in the Facebook group to answer any questions you have about the workouts, such as how to modify anything you need, how to move things around to make sense for your specific schedule, and to give form checks as needed. I will also help keep you on track with your main focus area for the month!

    I will be hosting a LIVE training call during the month to teach you all things motivation! Why we can't rely on it alone, strategies for building it, and tips for sustaining it through different seasons of your life. If you can't attend this training in real time, there will be a replay posted.
    There will be 7 mini-challenges sent to your email on Sundays to keep motivation high throughout each week. Things like: post a sweaty selfie, go for a lunchtime walk, see how many pushups you can complete in 5 minutes, or share the playlist you worked out to that day. These challenges are designed to keep things fun and fresh for you, while also keeping things flexible! You can choose which day of the week you will complete each mini challenge, and we'll have a daily accountability check in post for you to share what you're doing with the group.
    The women in my Empowered Together Coaching Club are the REAL DEAL. They root each other on and encourage each other, celebrate their wins on good days, and non-judgmentally support each other through challenges and bad days. I know from personal experience that being around other women who “get it” is incredibly helpful. You may have a slightly different goal than someone else in the group, but the accountability you can provide each other and the relationships you’ll develop will be well worth the investment of the challenge alone!


Yes! Sign me up for Move It March!

You'll receive an email with next steps right to your inbox within the next 10-15 minutes. PLEASE be sure to check your spam and promotions folders so you don't miss it!


Athena Concannon

My name is Athena Concannon, and I’m a 9-5 corporate wellness coordinator turned international online lifestyle transformation coach. I help time-strapped, driven women show up for themselves in all seasons of life, imperfectly and apologetically, so they can feel strong, confident, and proud of their fit lives!

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and know that we all have times when we just aren't feeling as gung ho about our fitness as others.

Sometimes all we need is a little extra accountability and the structure of a well-run challenge with an actual expert who knows her stuff to get your habits moving in the right direction again, learn some new things, or switch up your routine.

Sometimes all we need is to make things a little more FUN!

Participating in Move It March is your opportunity to get all of the above, all for the small investment of $40, the fraction of the cost of one personal training session where all you'd get is ONE workout.

You are going to LOVE the tips and strategies I share, I know you will absolutely rock your workouts this month, and I look forward to coaching you and getting to know you better!


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