Time for this week’s Move of the Week Post!

Low Pulse Lunge

Step 1

Holding a dumbbell with both hands, bring yourself into a lunge position and then lower down so your back leg is parallel to the floor.  Your back knee should almost be touching the floor, you should keep your front knee directly over your ankle (careful not to let it move over your toes), and you should be leaning slightly forward.

Step 2

Still holding the weight, raise yourself up slightly but NOT all the way as you would in a regular lunge.  Both knees should remain slightly bent.

Step 3

Return to the starting position.  That’s 1 rep of the low pulse lunge.

Note:  This exercise only takes you through a very small range of motion, but if done properly — aka not rushed — your legs will definitely feel the burn.  Make sure to do equal amounts on each leg so you are even!

For example workouts that incorporate the low pulse lunge, check out these workouts:

As always, honor your bodies!  And let me know if  you have any questions.

Do you guys find these Move of the Week posts helpful?   What do you want more of / less of?!  What’s your favorite leg exercise?? 

Off to the Red Sox game!!!