We are so close to the long weekend.

But first, let’s work our shoulders and upper back so we can totally rock tank top weather.

Prone Reverse Fly on Stability Ball

Step 1

Set yourself up behind a stability ball, weights in hand.

Step 2

Roll yourself out so you are lying prone (facedown) on the ball.  The ball should be right under your belly.  Weights should be down in front, palms facing in.

Step 3

With legs straight and using a lighter set of dumbbells, do a reverse fly by raising your arms out to the sides.  You should be squeezing your shoulder blades together, and the weights should not lift higher than shoulder level.  Pause at your highest point, then lower back down.  That’s one rep.

Go for two or three sets of ten reps to see how you feel, then adjust accordingly from there.  This move really targets your shoulders, back, and your core too!

If you are looking for ways to incorporate this into your pre-Memorial Day Weekend workout, click over to this post and check out my Stability Ball Upper Body, Cardio, and Core workout I posted last week.  Prone reverse flies on the stability ball are just one of many moves I incorporated into that circuit.

How do you get your upper body ready for tank top weather?

Have a GREAT day!