Hi friends!  Time for this week’s Move of the Week post.

Today’s move is one of my favorite arm burners, and I use this bad boy in my classes all the time.  I love it because it works both your upper back and your triceps, plus the stabilizing muscles all at once.  Feel the burn!

Row to Triceps Kickback

Step 1

Stand with feet no more than shoulder width/hip width apart.  Bend slightly at the waist so you are leaning forward, but do not round your back.  Hold dumbbells in your hands, palms facing in.

Step 2

Keeping your back flat and core tight, bend your elbows to lift the weights to the side of your chest.  You should really be squeezing your arms here!  Try to get those elbows back!


Step 3

Instead of lowering your weights back down, raise the weights behind you until your arms are completely straight.  Keep your elbows at your sides — you don’t want to let them turn out!  Also make sure to keep squeezing here.

Step 4

Bend the elbows so you return to your positioning in Step 2.

Step 5

Lower back to starting position in Step 1.

Normally with this move, I will do a certain amount reps for just rows.  Then just kickbacks.  And then I’ll combine the 2 for an extra burn.  For example, do 12 rows, 12 kickbacks, and then 12 rows with kickbacks.  If you are a beginner, perhaps try starting out one arm at a time.  For those who want an extra challenge, try increasing your weight or doing more reps.

What’s your favorite upper body exercise?  What’s your favorite way to combine two upper body moves into one? 

Something Extra:  According to Punchbowl.com, today is National Hot Dog Day!  Hot dogs are pretty terrible for you, but I harbor a secret love for them.  Fun fact – in college I participated in a Spike’s hot dog eating contest on campus.  I ate four giant dogs and their ginormous french baguette buns in one hour.  The contest was to see how many you could eat in an hour without throwing up.  Gross!  My friends and I went all out, made t-shirts that said “Bring on the Weiners!” on the front, “Scarf Don’t Barf” on one sleeve, “Chew Don’t Spew” on the other sleeve, and had a “Dogs Devoured” tally count on the back.  In case you couldn’t tell, I used to be just as cool when I was a college freshman as I am now!  Ha!