Here’s this week’s Move of the Week!

Side Lunge + Bicep Curl

Step 1

Start standing straight, holding one heavier dumbbell in one hand.

Step 2

Step laterally toward the hand that is NOT holding the weight, so that you are in your side lunge.  Bring the weight into a bicep curl (all the way up).


  • You want to make sure that your knees and toes are facing front.
  • Make sure one knee is bent (the knee you are leaning into) and the other leg should be straight.
  • When in the lunge, don’t round the back.  Keep it flat.
  • Squeeze your arm on the way up, slowly.

Here’s a closer view:

Step 3

Return to starting position.

That’s one rep!  Do 8-12 reps on one leg, then switch to the other.  This is a great move for working both lower body and upper body at the same time.  Try it out today!

Tell me why today will be a GREAT day in the comments!  🙂