Hi guys, here with only an evening post for you today.  I am confident that you will understand going out for margaritas last night was way more important than writing and scheduling my 7am blog post ahead of time.

My friend Erin and I went out for Mexican food at a new(ish) restaurant on Moody Street in Waltham, called Habaneros Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar.

It was super cute inside!

I ordered the shrimp fajitas.  And two mango margaritas.  Why two?

That’s why.

Food was great, drinks were great, and I loved the atmosphere.  Cons — it was freezing, and the service was a bit slow, although I’ll take slow any day over rude like we experienced at The Sweet Peach.  And as always, it was great to catch up with Erin.

In case you also went out for margaritas last night, here’s this week’s move of the week.

Move of the Week:  Stability Ball Pass

Step 1

Lie on your back holding an exercise ball in your hands.

Step 2

Extend your legs up straight toward the ceiling so that the ball is between your feet, with feet over hips.

Step 3

Keeping the ball between your feet, lower your legs.  You should only lower as far down as your body will allow before your back starts to arch.  It is important to keep your lower back flat on the floor to protect the spine.  The arms should also lower overhead here while you lower your feet, squeezing the ball.

Note:  Awk hand!

Step 4

Raise your legs back up over your hips and crunch to retrieve the ball with your hands.  Make sure you really lift that upper back off the ground here.

Step 5

Lower both arms and legs again, this time holding the ball in your hands instead of your feet.  Keep repeating as you pass the ball from hands to feet, feet to hands, etc.

Do 3248327 reps to burn off that tequila.

Just kidding.  Start with ten reps and try to work your way up!  Core burner for sure!

What’s your favorite Mexican food or drink or restaurant? 

Have a great rest of your night!  It’s almost the weekend, which should automatically make it great.  🙂