New blog idea for the new year!

In a weekly “Move of the Week” post, I will share just one exercise move with you all.  With pictures and how to directions.

This might end up being more like a “Move of the Month” but we’ll see how it goes.


Move of the Week:  The Booty Blaster

Step 1

Lie on one side.  Turn top leg a little forward, so knee is on the ground.

Step 2

Flex your top foot and push leg toward the upper diagonal.

Step 3

Keeping the foot flexed, extend the top leg all the way so leg straightens but knee doesn’t lock.

Step 4

Pause for a split second at the top, then bring knee back down to starting position in step 1 and repeat.  Make sure your knee comes back down to the ground, or else you are cheating!

Try doing 3 sets of 8, and then increasing as you get stronger to 3 sets of 10, 3 sets of 12, etc.

Want to make it harder?  Hold a dumbbell on your outer thigh as you work through the range of motion.

This one REALLY targets that hard to get outer thigh/back of the leg/butt area.  Definitely a new favorite of mine!

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite butt or outer thigh exercise?