Let’s work that core!


Step 1

Lie face up on the floor with your legs and arms straight.  Hold your arms either:  a) straight above the top of your head, or b) down by your sides (pictured here).

How awkward is this picture?! It looks like I’m dead.  Don’t worry, I’m not.

Step #2

In one movement, simultaneously lift your torso and legs as if you’re trying to touch your toes.

You should actually try to come higher and closer to touching your toes than what’s pictured here — this is just me on the way up!

Note:  Keep your head in line with your body; don’t crane your neck forward. Your torso and legs should form a V, hence the name “V-Ups.”  Your legs should be straight.

Step #3

Lower your body back to the starting position.  That’s one rep.

Looking for a modification?  I usually offer three levels for this move when I teach it in class.

The one featured above is the most advanced version.  If you are looking for an intermediate level move, try coming up with your knees bent slightly.  Then work your way up to the straight legged version.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend coming up to sitting but leaving your heels on the floor.  You are still getting that “crunch” and core work but it won’t feel as tough if you are new to all this ab work!

Go for say, 3 sets of 8.  Then increase to more reps in each set as you get stronger.

Are all of these too easy!?!  Superstars??  Try adding some obliques after each set.  For these, hold at the top of the V and then just twist side to side so you target those oblique muscles.  Right and left = 1 rep.  Go for 8 obliques after each set of 8 regular.

Of course, modify and change things as necessary and do what feels right for YOUR body.  As always, honor any injuries you might have.  This move should be tough, but not painful.

Ever done V-Ups before?  Love em or hate em?

Thanks Ali for the pictures!