This past Sunday I met up with my co-worker Dawn at a health and wellness show at the Needham Sheraton.  There were over 45 local health and wellness professionals set up in the event room talking about their latest health and wellness products and services.

Needham Health & Wellness Show

We browsed through all the different tables, chatted with the different vendors, sampled some food, and snagged some free stuff.

Needham Health & Wellness Show

Some of my favorites included:

— Chatting with a representative from the new LA Sports Club in Chestnut Hill.  I told her I had read a bunch of blog posts about the blogger tour held at the new facility recently, and she got excited because she was involved with the event.  I got a couple free passes, so I might go check it out sometime.

— The Whole Foods table.  They had tons of recipes, coupons, cereal bars, and bananas!  Love me some bananas.

Needham Health & Wellness Show

Taza Chocolate!  Remember when I toured the Taza chocolate factory?  I just love their chocolate so much.

Taza at Needham Health Show

— I also had a free antioxidant level reading done.  All I had to do was place the side of my thumb on a blue light, and after a minute of screening, voila!  The Pharmanex bio scan could provide my levels.  While I was waiting, they had me look over what the different scores mean.

Antioxidant Reading

Apparently, I am in the 1% of having high antioxidant protection!  Woohoo!

Antioxident Screening

This means I’m never going to get an age-related disease, right!?  Ha.  I just thought this part was cool.

Anyways, this was a nice little event to spend an hour at on my Sunday afternoon, and I’m glad I got to meet up with Dawn even if it was only for a little bit!  However, I do wish there had been more fitness related tables since that’s what I’m more into than geriatric wellness care and beauty products, but I suppose those things are important too.  Also, I can’t even get over how many tables had candy bowls.  Candy bowls at a wellness fair is a little much, if you ask me, but I will stop my rant about that now before I’m too high up on my soapbox to stop and I really offend somebody.

The best part, obviously, was the free stuff.  When I got home, I went through my bag of goodies and narrowed it down to my favorites.

Goodies from Needham Health & Wellness Show

Yes, that was the narrowed down version.  A bunch of new recipes and coupons, some free passes to a couple classes/gyms, and some free samples as well.  Oh, and a race calendar that I brought to Jen!  I was psyched for the two Kind bars, and I’m not gonna lie, those sweet potato chips were gone by the end of the night!  Yum.

Have you ever attended a health & wellness show, fair, or event?  I’d love to hear about it!