Hello friends!

It’s been a crazy week over here on the work front. We had a big corporate training event today for all 140 trainers in our company, and I presented a session on incorporating health and wellness components into trainings this morning. I’ve also been super busy with all the logistics for next week’s Wellness Week. Organizing one program offering per day per all ten buildings we have and across multiple work shifts is no easy feat.

I normally don’t post this late in the day, but I wanted to share not only a fun workout with you guys before the end of this week, but a fun new workout outfit too.


The folks at PUMA recently sent me their Clash Long Tights, their ST Watch Me Leave tee, and a pair of the new Pulse XT Geo training sneaks to try out. Earlier this week I was craving some serious lower body burn, so I created a workout called The Quad Crusher to put my new outfit to the test. I mean, these snazzy leggings deserve a good leg workout, don’t you think?

Here’s what I came up with!

The Quad Crusher

You will need a barbell, TRX suspension ropes, and a kettlebell for this workout, although all the exercises can be modified with dumbbells if you don’t have access to this equipment. After warming up with some foam rolling and dynamic stretches, the workout begins with a full body lift, barbell front squats. You will perform three straight sets of 6-8 reps of these in a row, with 60 seconds of rest in between each set. These are designed to be done with a heavier load.

The Quad Crusher: Barbell Front Squat

Then you will move from a straight set to a superset. On the TRX, you will alternate between doing 8-10 pistol squats on each leg and 30 seconds of jumping lunges holding the TRX bands.

TRX Superset: Quad Crusher

Finally, you finish with a kettlebell tri-set of 8-10 goblet reverse lunges off a platform with each leg, 8-10 side lunges on each leg, and 30 seconds of goblet cleans.

KB Triset in Quad Crusher

As far as the outfit goes, at first I wasn’t sure what I thought about the leggings, but once I tried them on and wore them during a workout, I actually became kind of obsessed with them. They are just so fun, and they are designed with tech savvy materials to draw sweat away from skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during exercise. I did feel like I got a lot of extra looks at the gym when I was wearing them, but I didn’t really care. If you’re confident enough, you can totally rock them. Can’t wait to wear these all.the.time.

The tee is lightweight, has an off the shoulder feel, and is more of a crop style. I think on a taller person it’s supposed to show a little more skin, but because I’m shorter, the length came right to the top of my pants. <—totally okay with that. It rode up a few times during the exercises, but I didn’t really feel as uncomfortable as I thought I might. It’s growing on me! And I love, love, love the scoop back. I’m pretty much obsessed with anything that has an open back. I work hard on those muscles, so why not show them off?!


Finally, the sneaks! They are lightweight trainers conducive to either indoor or outdoor workouts, and I found they are very sleek and breathable. They arrived at a good time because I feel like some of my other trainers are starting to get worn out. Plus they are a nice light color for summer.

PUMA Pulse XT 2

So there’s the rundown! I hope you guys will give The Quad Crusher a try and let me know how you like it…or hate me for it the next day?

Readers, let’s chat! What are your favorite exercises for a lower body burn? Do you like bright patterned workout pants or do you prefer something more simple? What do you like the best: barbells, TRX, or kettlebells?

I’m shutting down for the night… almost Friday!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.