Often times my friends and family ask me how I can eat so healthy all the time.  My answer is simple:  “I don’t.”


I do think I make healthier food choices than most.  And I try to make that the rule instead of the exception.  But I don’t deprive.  I don’t do fad diets.  I actually loathe the word diet.  I rarely weigh myself.  I focus on how I feel instead of the numbers on the scale.  And if I want to have something, I eat it!  Like that delicious double stuffed Halloween Oreo above.  The key is moderation. 


No Carb Left Behind Weekend

Then I indulge for three days straight and love every freaking second of it.  🙂

This weekend marked the fifth year anniversary of the annual “No Carb Left Behind” Cape weekend with my college girlfriends (and Katrina since ’09).  Ever since college graduation week, we’ve picked a weekend to stay at my uncle’s Cape house and eat, drink, and go to the beach.  And somehow, it’s become funnier with each year to bring as MUCH food as humanly possible and try to eat all of it.  So I guess I should have said we stay at my uncle’s Cape house and eat, drink, eat, tan, eat, hang out, eat some more, drink some more, and eat again.

Just the non-perishables


It all started on that fateful night back in 2007 when we were all craving something fried and all the pizza shops were closed.  It was then we discovered our love for MOZZ STICKS since we found them in the back of my uncle’s freezer.  The rest is history – we have made them an essential part of pretty much every single event we have together.  Yuuuuuup.

This year we went all out and t-shirts were made (thanks Mastro!)

Yes, we’re that cool.

Aside from all the SNACKING we did all weekend, I don’t think our actual meals were all that bad compared to past years.  Each morning I ate a key lime yogurt and a wheat English muffin for breakfast, and for lunch I had turkey and swiss on a sandwich thin each afternoon.

For Friday night’s dinner we made kabobs!

We made them with chicken, steak, and lots of different veggies.  Slesh was our grill master!

Our finished feast also included corn on the cob and salad.  And lots of sangria!

Trina had her own ideas about how to make kabobs.

Licorice, Oreos, and a Zebra Cake

Pretty much the best idea ever

We decided on a Mexican themed dinner for Saturday night.  Tacos, margaritas, and Spanish music!

The rest of the weekend included pretty beach time…

West Dennis Beach

Mayflower Beach

Corporation Beach

…LOTS of beach antics…

…and silly game playing:

I think our workout of the weekend was playing Bite the Bag.  Our legs and butts were all sore the next day!

All in all, it was a successful five year anniversary!

And now, time to detox.

Questions of the Day!

  1. Do you have any annual summer traditions with your friends and family?
  2. What is your favorite type of kabob?
  3. Which crazy picture of me and my friends is your favorite?