Happy December 1st!

I’m not big on Christmas music, sales (ok maybe if they are really good – just not Black Friday), and getting into the season/spirit before the month of November ends. 

But since today is the first, bring it on!

November Recap

Looking to December

  • A fun-filled weekend in NYC
  • Boston Pops
  • Holiday Themed Workout Mixes (yes, I actually do this)
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Roommate + Boyfriends Christmas Dinner
  • Christina’s Holiday Party with work friends
  • Another potential getaway to use Marriott points
  • 12th annual holiday party with my home friends (that makes me feel OLD!)
  • Christmas Candles
  • Christmas Movies
  • And my personal favorite:  RETURNING TO NORMAL SHOULDER ACTIVITY!  Best Christmas gift ever.


Stay tuned later for another workout post!

Questions of the Day:  What were your favorite posts this month?  What are you looking forward to in December?  Are you excited for the holidays or dreading them?

Don’t forget to enter my Luna Bar giveaway!  Contest ends tonight and I’m announcing the winner tomorrow morning.