Never feel off track again with these 4 simple shifts to elevate your eating habits and create a more focused approach to food.

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During this free workshop, you will learn:


The “Key 3” nutrition habits to focus on whenever you feel you need a slight reboot or reset.

With this powerful trifecta in your arsenal, you will be able to stay OUT of the dreaded “I have to start all over again” mentality that leaves you feeling not good enough, and instead be incredibly confident about your exact next best steps for adjusting! You’ll also discover how you can use the same 3 habits to take a deeper, but manageable dive into your nutrition if you’re looking to get more clinical about portions without the overwhelm.


The importance of getting crystal clear about how diet culture is still influencing the way you eat and the way you think about both food and your body.

Even if you aren’t actively on a diet like Keto or Weight Watchers, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still wrapped up in the culture of dieting. The amount of mainstream messaging you take in day to day might be affecting your results – and how “on or off” you feel – more than you even realize. Learn why the old ways of looking at a few popular nutrition concepts AREN’T working anymore, and instead start challenging the very things you’re buying into as nutritional norms.


The number 1 thing that stops people in their tracks when working on nutrition goals.

This insight alone will help not only set some realistic expectations about achieving your goals, but it will also help teach you how to get reinvigorated when you feel stuck, harness motivation on the days you need it most, and keep forward momentum in your journey.


My top tips for creating your own unique and automated approach to the way you eat.

This simple, yet extremely effective tool will help you stay out of the comparison trap, minimize distractions (aka shiny squirrel syndrome!), and reduce the amount of food related decision making in your day to day. Uncover the steps you can take to start freeing up some mental load so you can dedicate that energy to other parts of your life that need it, whether that be your family, work, projects, or yourself! 

Hi, I’m Athena.

I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena. I help ambitious and high-achieving women create an intentional and empowered approach to fitness and nutrition so they can get strong, increase their confidence, and live their lives more fully and freely – without being bogged down by perfectionism, overwhelm, and diet culture influences.

I know all too well how frustrating it can be when:

  • Life gets in the way (HELLO, PANDEMIC!) and nutrition feels like it has to take a back seat… just when you were on a roll, right?

  • You feel you are doing all the “right” things when it comes to nutrition – and your workouts too – but something still feels like it’s not fully clicking, or you aren’t sure what to do next to get to the next level… what else can you be doing?

  • You feel like you can’t stay focused – you see SO much noise on social media, your neighbor keeps rambling on about intermittent fasting, someone else has a different goal than you do – should you try that too?


This is why I am bringing back my popular Nutrition That Lasts workshop, just in time for spring!

I’ve created my own system for automated and effortless eating habits that can be used through any season of life that you’re in, and this SUSTAINABLE methodology is what I use with my clients too.

I am so excited to bring you this training and reveal the exact steps you can start taking to improve your eating habits and create a more focused, intentional, and ENJOYABLE approach to nutrition.

If you are someone who feels your nutrition could use a little more attention after winter, you would love to learn some manageable strategies that can fit into your life without needing to change your routine, and you are truly interested in finding a way of eating that can last a lifetime, you will not want to miss out on this!

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for all of the valuable information last night in your nutrition class. I really appreciated all of the wisdom you shared. You are such an effective communicator, and your tips are always very easy to incorporate in my very busy life. THANK YOU!”


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