If you are a woman looking to make nutrition choices that align with your health and wellness goals, the resources seem endless – a quick Google search is going to turn up more information than you can possibly use. If you are feeling stuck in overwhelm when it comes to your food choices, or you feel like you’re doing everything you’re “supposed” to do but not reaching your goals, keep reading!

1. You’re stuck in an all-or-nothing, “New Years” mentality

I don’t know about you, but to me, September always feels like a second New Years’ – your routine is changing, and for those of us with kids headed back to school, things are about to get a lot busier!

Maybe you feel like you need to “get back on track” after the summer, or shift from summer maintenance mode to a new nutrition goal. 

While I love the clean slate feeling of a new start, I think that for those of us with perfectionist tendencies, it can cause a lot of pressure! You may start feeling like if you’re not perfect for every meal, you’ve “wasted” your opportunity to make a change.

But real changes don’t have to look like a nutrition overhaul – small changes like an extra serving of veggies or a high-protein breakfast can make a big difference in how you feel in your day-to-day. 

Real changes don’t have to look like a complete nutrition overhaul

2. You don’t know what you’re really eating


Diet culture has made the idea of tracking your food intake seem synonymous with weight loss – especially through apps like MyFitnessPal, which perpetuate the idea that you have to “earn” more calories through exercise. But tracking your food can actually be helpful!

In fact, when I start my nutrition work with a new client, I always request a simple food log to get a sense of what they’re eating and how I can help identify the gaps.

That’s how I know that a client may be eating a “high protein” meal that isn’t really all that high in protein, or missing opportunities for adding an extra serving of veggies or source of fat into a balanced diet.

You may think that you are eating healthy, and wondering why you feel like something is wrong – tracking food can really help you to see what is missing from your diet. 

3. You know what you’re supposed to do, but you’re not sure HOW to do it

You don’t need me telling you that you need to eat more vegetables and drink more water. But you may be unsure of how to incorporate those tweaks into your day in a way that doesn’t cause stress or require a ton of prep work. 

You’re tired of nighttime snacking, but not sure what is causing it or how to curb the cravings. You’re stuck in an all-or-nothing loop, feeling overstuffed on the weekends and deprived during the week, but not sure how to make a change. You know you’re not getting enough protein, but you’re not a big meat-eater and you don’t feel like incorporating chicken breast into lunch every day.

4. You’re not asking for help

Applying nutrition information and implementing it in the context of your life is HARD! And thankfully, it’s not your job to figure it out – that’s where a coach can come in. 

If you spend a significant amount of time worrying about food and nutrition, but you don’t want to ask for help because you “should” know how to handle it yourself or because you still eat pretty healthy and don’t want to change too much, you could be doing yourself a disservice.

Food is a HUGE part of our lives – not only does it fuel our bodies, but it also feeds our spirit and sustains our relationships!

There are not a lot of things that can change your mood, confidence, and mental acuity as quickly as what you put in your body, and a few small tweaks can make a BIG difference in helping you feel more in control of your nutrition.

You don’t have to figure out your nutrition all on your own

If any of the above resonated with you, check out my Nutrition Audits! These coaching sessions happen in two phases:

PHASE 1: You keep a simple food log for 3-5 days, and you and I meet for a 45-minute call to discuss what you’re eating now, what your goals are, and put together a customized, actionable plan that works with your goals and lifestyle. No cookie-cutters here – I won’t tell you what to eat and when and why, but I will work with you to brainstorm strategies and ideas that put you in control of your eating. 

PHASE 2: We have our second 45-minute call, where we regroup and discuss how the strategies are working for you. We discuss what’s been going well and what is challenging, and we can troubleshoot anything else that has come up for you during the process!

You will also receive a written action plan and recordings of both calls, so you can refer back to our discussions whenever you need to. 

And for the rest of the month, you can get $50 off my signature Ambition Nutrition program when it launches again in 2022. Even more incentive to take advantage of this perfect time to make sure your nutrition goals fit in with your new fall routine!

If you’re still not sure about whether the audit is the right choice for you, book a free connection call with me and we can talk about whether this plan is the right fit for your goals. 

Are there other nutrition struggles that you’re facing right now? Questions you have about how to approach #EmpoweredEating? Let me know in the comments below!