This was an especially tiring Monday.  I had a blast with Slesh and Erica in NYC this weekend, but my body is DEFINITELY feeling the after effects of all the snacking, drinking, bagel eating, and dining out today.  I’ve seriously been chugging water by the gallon, but I still don’t feel hydrated.  And I definitely am pumped for a hardcore calorie burning session tonight.  I feel like I’ve had multiple posts in the past month stating how much I’ve been “cheating” on nutrition by treating myself and splurging a little lot, so it’s time to reign it in.  I mean, I now have two Monday posts about recovering from said gluttony, so it’s time to be realistic with myself (ie Athena, you certainly have not been following an 80/20 rule,) and get back on track.  For reals.


That being said, this week:

  • I see lots of salads in my future
  • I am working out Monday through Friday
  • Water, water, water
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep
  • Breathe, breathe, breathe

Sounds like a good plan, no?  Here are my workout specifics!

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  30 minute Hurricane Sandy workout
  • Monday:  20 minutes on stairmaster + taught a 30 minute Upper Body Express class + taught Dynamax Bootcamp
  • Tuesday:  Took Liz’s Kickboxing class + taught Best Body Bootcamp Workout B (Pull Bootcamp Circuits) in my Circuit Training class
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday:  Taught Best Body Bootcamp Workout C(Full Body Supersets with Partial Reps) in my Circuit Training class
  • Friday:  Was going to do an at home workout, but my shoulders were SO TIRED from the week’s previous workouts that I took an off day.
  • Saturday:  Walking around NYC?  Probably doesn’t count much.

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  Cardio Cutz with Ashley if I can make it on time, otherwise BBB cardio workout TBD
  • Tuesday:  Liz’s Kickboxing, then teaching my Circuit (now called Interval Training) for Two A Day
  • Wednesday:  Pilates class or off
  • Thursday:  Teaching my Circuit (now called Body Sculpt)
  • Friday:  Teaching Cardio & Core (now called 20/20/20)
  • Saturday:  Pilates class or off

Two other things I want to announce in this post:

1.  My blog scheduler was acting funky this weekend, so I’m not sure you guys caught my December Reader Recipe of the month — my friend Shannon posted a fun soup recipe.  Check it out here!

2.  The Holiday Zumbathon we are having at the Y this Sunday!!  Members and non-members can attend, and you just need to email me at to reserve a spot.  I would love to see some familiar faces there, even if you don’t Zumba regularly, to support the Y (all proceeds go toward my department) and have fun!


That’s all for today!  I’m off to the gym to sweat out my NYC weekend, go grocery shopping and organize my life, then Tim & I are decorating our Christmas tree!

When’s the last time you found yourself in a slump with food?  What’s your workout plan for the week?  Anyone have anything fun they want to share just because?

Later, gaters.