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The Legit Fit Lifestyle Lounge is my free Facebook community for people who know that fitness is so much more than a number on the scale or the size of our jeans.

In this group, we focus on the 4 pillars of living a legit fit lifestyle:

We understand that movement is a privilege. We work out + move our bodies not as a punishment or a chore, but because of how it makes us feel: strong and confident. We love seeing the work we do in the gym trickle into other parts of our lives!

We maintain a healthy relationship with food, make mindful + empowered eating decisions, and we eat to nourish + fuel our bodies. We don’t do diets, and we know we don’t need to deprive ourselves of the foods we love in order to get the results we want.

We prioritize self care, but we know we don’t have to be fancy about it. We simply prioritize small, meaningful actions on a daily basis that we know will help us thrive + maintain our emotional well-being.

We know that at the core of being our best selves requires a positive mindset + a willingness to always learn, up-level, and evolve. We are suckers for personal development + growth. We don’t do complacency. We keep going with our goals, even when things get hard!

Whether you’re just embarking on your health journey or you’ve been a fitness enthusiast for years, this group is a safe place for each of us to motivate, inspire, and support each other. I’d love to have you join the tribe!

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