Morning! Time for a glimpse into my weekend happenings.

I went to hot yoga with Mary to kick off the weekend. Here’s my sweaty aftermath:


On Friday night, Tim and I decided to stop by The Spirited Gourmet for a little impromptu wine tasting. Tim also participated in a whiskey tasting while I browsed through all the new foodie items in the store.

Wine tasting at Spirited Gourmet

We left with a bottle of red and some yummy new crackers.

Firehook Crackers

For dinner, Tim got really excited to cook a rib eye in our cast iron skillet.

Tim cooking meat in the cast iron skillet

We also roasted up the honeynut squash that we bought at the Boston Public Market last weekend. So yummy and cute.

Honeynut Squash

Honeynut Squash

The rest of the night was spent relaxing on the couch while catching up on The Black List and Homeland. We went to bed early to try and catch up on sleep and kick our colds. Worked for me, not so much for Tim.

On Saturday, I woke up with really sore shoulders from yoga, so I opted for a rest day from the gym.Tim and I were supposed to do really fun things like compare our health insurance plans and make a new budget, but our friend Greg asked him at the last minute to help move furniture. I didn’t leave the house all day, but I was Miss Productive around the apartment. I organized two drawers, dusted every single room, cleaned all the windows, did the dishes, did laundry, started on the post wedding thank you process, finally organized all the mail and papers that had piled up over the past two months, and more. Not that fun, but it was stuff that needed to be done, and I did enjoy some downtime in there as well to read and relax.

When Tim got home, we threw together our favorite autumn harvest pizza for dinner and spent another night in on the couch watching the first two episodes of Season 5 of 24.

Autumn Harvest Pizza

On Sunday morning, I had big plans to take two classes now that my ClassPass membership is off hold, but I somehow slept through my alarm. I actually woke up to my friend Steph calling me when I wasn’t at our meeting place. Is that not the worst feeling? I rushed into the city and made it to BFX with two minutes to spare, but it took me so long to find parking that I didn’t make it into the class on time. Luckily, the folks at BFX were nice enough to not charge me for a missed class, and they let me use their training space instead.

At first I was frustrated with myself…

BFX Studios

…but I quickly decided there was no point in dwelling on it. I did a nice little mindset shift and decided to enjoy the opportunity to lift in a really nice facility instead!

BFX Studios with Steph

After I was done with my supersets and Steph was out of class, we drove over to Recycle Studio for our second workout of the morning. We met our friends Ashley and Jess to take our other friend Alice’s spin class. Class was super sweaty and awesome, and I loved Alice’s playlist SO much.

Recycle Studio

After class, we hung around for a bit for some snacks and Recycle’s sidewalk sale.

Recycle Studio Snacks

Recycle is closing its Tremont Street location and relocating in the South End, so they were getting rid of a ton of spin gear. However, my friends didn’t walk out with gear. Instead, they walked out with furniture! So funny. I restrained myself from buying anything.

Recycle Sidewalk Sale

Once we left Recycle, Steph and I decided to stop by the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival since it was right down the street. We got a ton of free samples, and between the festival and our morning at Recycle, I came home with a nice pile of swag.

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

The rest of my Sunday was filled with a little bit of work, a little bit of food prep, and a little bit of TV.

Readers, let’s chat! What happened over the weekend? 

Time to tackle day before health fair day. Wish me luck!