Let’s chat about the weekend, shall we?

On Friday, my friend Liz hosted all the gym girls over for a toothpick party. I brought a bottle of maple apple wine from our wedding venue, and my toothpick contribution was all about apple and brie, a flavor combo I just can’t get enough of lately.

Zorvino Vineyards Mapplez Wine

Apple Brie Toothpicks

Everyone brought such fun toothpick inspired munchies:

Toothpick Party 1

Toothpick Party 2

Toothpick Party 3

I made a conscious effort throughout the night to take pictures of more than just the food:

Toothpick Party: Friends

Toothpick Party: Friends

Toothpick Party: Friends

Toothpick Party: Steph

Toothpick Party: Me and Liz

As always, it was great hanging out with my gym crew. ūüôā

Toothpick Party

Tim and I slept in a little later than usual on Saturday, so we didn’t get to the gym until late morning. Neither of us felt like being there for very long or doing a heavy strength workout, so we did a 25 minute metabolic resistance workout and called it a day. It was sweaty and quick: AMRAP of kettlebell goblet squats, pushups, lateral skater jumps, single arm rows, rotating planks, push presses. 6-8 reps of each except for 10 each side for the skater jumps.

25 Minute Metabolic Workout

After our workout, we stopped by the New Balance store to pick up our race numbers and t-shirts for Sunday.

Oaktoberfest 5k 2015 race numbers

Then we decided to venture into the city. Our first stop was the Boston Public Market.

Boston Public Market

We browsed for a while and left with grass fed beef for dinners over the next couple of weeks and some cheese and charcuterie meat.

Boston Public Market: Robinson Farm Cheese

We also picked up some pears and honeynut squash. I had never heard of honeynut squash before, but isn’t it just the cutest?

Honeynut Squash

Once we finished up at BPM, we walked over to Harpoon Brewery to meet up with some friends. Unfortunately the line was so long that we didn’t get to spend that much time with them before they all had to leave for their dinner reservation, but we were able to enjoy a couple of beers and one of Harpoon’s infamous pretzels before heading back to our apartment.

Me and Tim: Boston Public Market

Harpoon Brewery

The rest of the night was spent on the couch with snacks for dinner and The Black List.

Charcuterie Board

Sunday morning we woke up early for the OAKtoberfest 5k race. It was SO COLD out, but we kept up our family tradition and still ran!

OAKtoberfest Race 2015

Tim’s cousin Neil joined us, and Missy and Monique were there too.

OAKtoberfest 5k 2015

OAKtoberfest 5k Race 2015

I ran the race in 24:39 (a few seconds faster than last year), and I actually came in 5th place out of the 47 women in the thirties age bracket. I was proud of that!

OAKtoberfest 5k Race 2015

We hung out at the after party after we ran, but we had to stay longer than we wanted to because we were so dumb and accidentally locked ALL of our keys in my car before the race started. Rookie mistake. Triple A came to our rescue eventually, but yesterday morning was NOT the day to be stuck outside without access to multiple jackets. Hence how freezing I look!

OAKtoberfest 5K 2015

Once our car situation was figured out, we were starving, so we grabbed brunch at The Cottage in Chestnut Hill. On my plate: veggie scramble, fruit cup, and a scone.

Brunch at The Cottage Chestnut Hill

After brunch, my family headed to my uncle’s new house for the afternoon. We hung out and recapped the wedding, and we also celebrated Auntie Paula’s birthday last week.¬†It was nice to see my family.

Auntie Paula Birthday

And that’s that!

Readers, let’s chat! What happened over the weekend?