When I started Fitness & Feta, I worried I would run out of things to write about.  I also worried about not having time to write, not keeping up with frequent updates, and having my blog become just another thing that fell to the wayside.

I quickly realized that this wouldn’t be the case.  Now that I’m dedicated to writing about things I feel passionately about, I just can’t keep up!  Not only do I have a huge list of potential topics I can blog about and reader requests, but new ideas find their way into my brain everyday.  It’s hard to keep up with them all, nevermind maintain my regular workout, food, and restaurant posts.  I’m even finding that I have pictures out there of meals eaten or made that aren’t associated to any posts yet!

Today I’m using this post to catch up on three restaurants that I took pictures of my food at, but just ran out of time to write about!


The Friday after Thanksgiving, Tim & I had a lunch date in Coolidge Corner before he left me to party in Long Island the rest of the weekend.  If you haven’t tried Zaftigs yet, I highly recommend it.  Zaftigs is a Jewish delicatessen that serves breakfast (all day), lunch, and dinner.  I love the menu for their wide variety of options and the atmosphere for something different.  I’ve never been for breakfast or dinner, but have grabbed lunch there many times.  Zaftigs does sometimes have a wait, and the service isn’t outstanding, but in my opinion is worth it for trying something new off their diverse menu.  There is plenty of parking nearby and Coolidge Corner is a super cute area for walking around to burn off lunch!

The day after Thanksgiving was a day for craving greens, so I opted for a salad.  I forgot to mention that another reason I love Zaftigs is that they have FOURTEEN salads on the menu.  Score!

I went with the Salmon & Roasted Corn salad which had field greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, black beans, and a lemon vinaigrette.  I also asked them to add avocado to the mix.  The salmon here wasn’t to die for, but it was what I was craving at the time and my meal hit the spot.  Not sure I would get this particular salad again, but hey there’s 13 others to try.

I also really enjoy the little bagel crisps & dip they serve in lieu of bread.

Zaftigs is a must try!

Uncommon Grounds

Uncommon Grounds is a cute little restaurant in Watertown that I went to recently with my family to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  They specialize in breakfast and lunch, but boast that they also make the best lattes and cappucinos around.  I guess that is fitting for a place called Uncommon Grounds – I love the creative name!  I’ve been here before a few times, and it’s never disappointed me.  Their egg scrambles are huge, I can never decide whether I want breakfast or lunch, and true to form I usually end up getting the same thing every time.

Two scrambled eggs, dry whole wheat toast, and a fruit salad that I like to substitute for home fries.



I saved the unhealthiest for last!  Redbones is a restaurant located in the heart of Davis Square that serves authentic Southern food / BBQ.  I don’t eat BBQ very often, but I’ve heard such raving reviews of Redbones that when I saw a Groupon for it I bought it so I could try it out for a discounted price.  The inside is pretty fun, with cool pictures, signs, and paraphernalia on the walls.

Their menu is stacked full of BBQ options (aka Tim’s heaven) – ribs, chili, pulled pork, jerk beef, cornbread… the list goes on.  They offer a lot of combination items too, which is what I chose.  My meal consisted of pulled pork, wood grilled chicken, black beans, and coleslaw.

The food was good, and certainly lasted for two extra leftover meals beyond just what I could eat at the restaurant (pulled pork salad for lunch, and wood grilled chicken on a wheat wrap for dinner!)  but I think I was a bit disappointed.  Tim thinks it’s because we heard so many people raving about it that it didn’t seem as good as we were expecting.  I did enjoy my meal, don’t get me wrong, but Tim says the BBQ options at Jim’s Deli in Brighton is better.  At least his brisket was!

I did enjoy looking at the 24 microbrews they had on tap and indulging in their original sin cider.  If I go back to Redbones it will be for a drink and app rather than a full meal.

Question of the Day:  What are your recommendations for cute lunch places, new breakfast joints, and BBQ?  Comment please!

And then go check out my updated Bars & Restaurants Page!  These three have been added.