In case you need some reading material this morning:

World Planking Record

Check out this articleA 71 year old woman recently broke the world record for longest held plank.  36 minutes and 58 seconds!!  For all of you who moan, groan, grunt, and complain about the two minutes we sometimes do in class — doesn’t seem so bad now, huh?!

10 Year Old “Workout Kid”

Another article for you!  Child prodigy that has his own workout dvd’s, training routines, and classes.  Pretty interesting, and rather controversial I’d imagine.


Not my own, but head on over to fANNEtastic food today and check out Anne’s giveaway contest for an Attune Foods Breakfast party kit.  The breakfast party kit would include 6 go bowls, 6 bamboo spoons, and a few boxes of cereal (your choice).  Details on how to enter can be found in her post!