Plu Codes

Before I get into my food pics, I want to share a fun fact that my friend Patrice shared with me yesterday about the plu codes on produce.  You know the number on the little sticker that comes on your apples, oranges, etc.?  I always thought that those numbers were just something I needed to memorize as part of my first job (former Market Basket cashier here), but the plu numbers actually contain a lot of information about what you are going to eat!  I learned that a four digit number means the fruit or vegetable is conventionally grown (with chemical assistance).  Five digit numbers beginning with eight means the produce has been genetically modified.  However, five digit numbers beginning with nine imply the produce is organic.  Who knew!?  For more info on this, Mark’s Daily Apple has a nice blog post that explains it further.

Two Weeks of Eats

I’m behind on my food posting, so today you guys get two week’s worth.  There’s no way I am going to remember the days I ate each, so here’s a picture collage of my blog worthy meals:

Weekly Eats

In order from top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Tim’s dry rub steak with a barley side dish
  2. Kale and beet salad
  3. Chicken drumsticks with a bulgur wheat side dish
  4. Kale salad with steak, tomatoes, radishes, and beans
  5. Swiss chard and white bean gnocchi
  6. Stuffed sweet potatoes, steak, corn on the cob (for Joe’s 30th birthday dinner!)
  7. Steak + same bulgur wheat side dish + heirloom tomatoes
  8. Heirloom tomatoes
  9. Open face veggie sandwich from The Met Bar

Other eats included chicken kabob salads and ice cream from Demo’s in Waltham while catching up with my uncles:


And a delicious Italian dinner from a hidden gem Watertown restaurant, Grappa.  I ordered a pear salad with prosciutto stuffed figs to start, and for my meal I got the rolled eggplant.  Both of these were actually appetizers, but the portions were more than enough!

GrappaOur waitress, Natalie, was the nicest woman ever.  I am pretty sure she owns the restaurant too.  Our service was just impeccable.  She even spilled a tiny drop of red wine on Tim and sent us home with massage amounts of cannolis and tiramasu because she felt so bad about it.  Local readers, a must try hidden gem if you’ve never been!  It’s right on the side street next to Target in Watertown.

Of course all the food I consumed during No Carbs Left Behind Weekend with the girls is blog worthy as well, but I’ll save that for my weekend recap.

On this week’s meal plan:

  • Stuffed acorn squash
  • Butternut squash and spinach salad
  • Mango chutney topped flounder
  • More heirloom tomatoes (love this!)
  • Butternut squash soup
  • Grilled eggplant and chickpea salad
  • Dinner at Seasons 52!  Psyched this restaurant (an Atlanta favorite of my group at work) is opening in Burlington.

Did you guys know the plu code info I shared?  What’s your favorite “hidden gem” restaurant?  Any favorite go to eats lately?  What’s on this week’s meal plan?

Have a great day you guys!