I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Recipes/picture post coming soon.

I was able to enjoy a nice meal at my grandfather’s house, but I must admit I am pretty thankful today that the holiday is over.  Sorry, Thanksgiving lovers.

If you are skipping the Black Friday crowds and looking to fit in a good post turkey workout, here you go!

Post Turkey Trim & Tone


Circuit 1

  • Legs:  Place right foot on a step or bench.  Do 8 slow lunges, 8 fast lunges, then 8 pulses.  Immediately turn your body to face the side (to the left), your right foot is still up.  Do 8 slow squats, 8 fast squats, then 8 pulse squats.  Finally, turn your body to face the back, right foot is still up (it’s just behind you now).  Do 8 slow lunges, 8 fast lunges, then 8 pulses.
  • Cardio:  30 seconds high knees
  • Biceps:  Curls – 10 slow, 10 fast, 10 pulsing (palms front)
  • Repeat circuit again, this time with left leg on the bench through the leg series and palms out to the side on the bicep curls.

Circuit 2

  • Obliques/Outer Thigh:  Standing on left foot, lift & lower right leg to your side (outer thigh to the ceiling) at the same time you do an oblique crunch with your right hand behind the head, elbow out.  Do 15 of these, then 10 leg pulses.
  • Obliques:  Twists side to side with knees bent.  Start with just twists, then add a knee so it’s 2 twists and a knee, then hold the knee raise on each side.  If you are going to do this one you might need me to break it down more, so let me  know!
  • Repeat the oblique/outer thigh on other side.
  • Cardio:  30 seconds jumping jacks

Circuit 3

  • Tricep Overhead Extensions:  Lying down on the step/bench, raise 2 heavier weights overhead and do overhead tricep extensions, 2 sets of 10.
  • Put the weights down, raise legs over hips, point the toes and open/close the legs for inner thigh work.  3 sets of 10 regular, then hold the legs out, pulse for 10, and slowly bring them back up.
  • Hug the knees into the chest, then extend legs out in front and arms overhead.  Repeat 10 times for ab work.
  • Go through circuit again, but this time for triceps do dips on the step instead of lying overhead extensions.

Circuit 4

  • Shoulders:  10 front raises (chest level), then 10 side raises (shoulder level), then 10 rows with a rotation
  • Cardio:  30 seconds of football runs
  • Shoulders:  Repeat first set
  • Cardio:  30 seconds of football runs

Circuit 5

  • Chest:  10 push ups
  • Glutes:  Glute presses 16 straight back, 8 crossing over other calf, 8 pulses straight up
  • Abs:  30 second plank
  • Repeat all three, switching the legs for the glutes


Question of the Day:  Tell me what your post-Thanksgiving fitness plans are!  I just got home from Rausan’s 10am Circuit Training class at the Y.  He kicked my butt!  And gave me some new ideas to use on Tuesday – sweet!  Did anyone make time for exercise yesterday?

Have a good one.