What my fabulous ladies are saying

Working with Athena 1:1 has been life-changing, and that’s not me being hyperbolic.

Since starting with her 1:1 coaching in April 2017, I have felt so much less stuck not only in the fitness and nutrition areas of my life, but also in loving myself and celebrating what I can do. Working with Athena has shown me that it is the little changes and the shifts in habits and beliefs that are where the magic happens.


Athena has both met me where I am, but also challenged me to push harder than I thought I could. I now strut confidently through the weight room (who’d have thought!), and have realized, with her help, support, and sometimes a little tough love, that a healthy lifestyle should be fun and enjoyable, otherwise it isn’t sustainable.

Working with Athena has really empowered me to believe in myself. That making healthy choices truly becomes a lifestyle and not the chore I had always thought it was. Not only have I lost weight and sizes, but with that I feel comfortable in my own body.


As someone who has struggled with body image and acceptance since puberty, I used to feel extremely self-conscious all the time and would often have a lot of negative self-thoughts and comparisons; with Athena’s guidance, that mindset has shifted into one of loving myself and showing myself gratitude for where I am now.


The past eighteen months working with Athena have been invaluable. She has shown me that above all else, we make choices for ourselves and that my goals are my goals, even if others might have things to say about them, I am in control. Sometimes we need a little kick in the butt to get there though, and I’m so glad Athena has been by my side to do that.

Serrie H

Working with Athena will be one of the best things you do not only for yourself, but the people around you too!

I started working with Athena in July 2017. My second child had just turned one, and I felt like between the kids and work, I had lost my identity somewhere along the way. My own health and wellness had taken a back seat, resulting in me being heavier than I had ever been in my life.

I was eating whatever was around, I felt tired all the time, and I had a glass half empty attitude towards life. When I could, I would run outdoors a few miles 2-3 times a week, but I felt frustrated that I was seeing no fat loss results after months.

So I sought out a fitness coach, hoping to lose fat and tone up, but little did I know I was going to get SO much more out of this experience.

Once I met Athena, I immediately started on the process of gaining back my confidence and some sense of control over my habits and actions. Athena’s coaching program encourages autonomy, flexibility, and kindness to yourself. I quickly became a big believer in her “anti-perfect” philosophy and simple and sane approach to health and fitness.

Athena spends time carefully understanding her clients’ lifestyles so that the changes she recommends are always gradual and feel just right. They are never too much or too little, never forced or imposed.

The workouts Athena gives me are challenging, but safe, with videos to guide me. I love being able to send her videos of myself to check my form, and I’ve never felt bored with her workouts. Athena continues to challenge me to try new things and push myself, and best of all, she gives me workouts I can do at home so I don’t feel like I have to spend time away from kids in order to take care of myself. Good-bye mom guilt!

Athena is also a WEALTH of knowledge on the nutrition aspect of fat loss, which is so key. Her philosophy of adding (veggies and protein) and not subtracting, is brilliant, and I have learned SO many delicious recipes and nutrition strategies to help me not have to think about my food choices so much.

I signed up for two 4 month 1:1 coaching sessions with Athena, and I am coming on the tail end of my second. I have lost about 15 pounds and more importantly, my body composition has shifted, so I’m down multiple sizes too. I’ve lost fat and toned up. I feel, look, and truly am stronger than I have ever been.

I am showing up differently in my relationships, with my kids, and at work. I find myself improving my sleeping habits, having more energy during the day at work, and being more focused. The other thing I have gained from this experience is an improved attitude toward my life. Every day I wake up and know that with Athena’s help I have the tools to continue making myself the best version of me!

If you are looking to lose fat, tone up, eat a more nutritious and energizing diet that will help you achieve your goals, and also start cultivating a more positive outlook towards yourself in this process, then Athena is the person for you.

Shruti S

My 1:1 coaching time with Athena was SO POWERFUL!

I came into the program feeling like I was in a negativity vortex. Although before signing up for coaching I was a regular gym rat and a runner, I had put on weight, my clothes didn’t fit, and I had developed some bad eating habits. Plus my metabolism is slowing down as I get older, and it felt like everything was just spiraling out of control.

Something about Athena’s philosophy really clicked with me. We worked together to identify the issues that needed to be addressed, and we talked about solutions and then broke those solutions down into manageable goals on a weekly basis.

Athena was always accessible and willing to talk through any issues/habits/problems that came up for me. Sure enough, I began to slowly change my eating habits, lose some weight, and feel stronger and more in control of my life.

Working with Athena, I lost 15 lbs and 2 jean sizes, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have made changes to my lifestyle and eating habits that will stay with me for my lifetime!

Shanna M

I cannot recommend 1:1 coaching with Athena enough!

I initially signed up because I was looking for a lasting, long term solution to consistently eat better and exercise more regularly. Before working with Athena, my weekly routine would consist of a variety of group exercise classes and eating “healthy” Monday through Thursday. Once the weekend came, however, my entire schedule went out the window. It was a constant up and down battle, and I wasn’t seeing the fitness results I was looking for.

From day 1 with Athena, she pushed me to figure out WHY my goals of eating better and exercising more were important to me. It was through discovering this why that we were able to make a solid plan for me with realistic, yet challenging goals that I was able to stick to. For example, I had never even lifted a dumbbell before, but now I use them 3x a week and LOVE IT!

In addition to all the results I’ve seen in the weight room, with Athena’s help, my confidence and approach to life has improved immensely. I recently made a huge life change and relocated to DC after living in Boston for over 9 years. This was a BIG and SCARY change for me that I don’t think I could have done before working with Athena.

I was able to successfully navigate the difficulty and stress of this move by leveraging ALL of the techniques Athena has taught me over the years, including journaling (which is NOT as scary or foreign as it sounds), exercising consistently, fueling my body with the right types of foods, and celebrating all my successes each week.

Athena’s approach truly is holistic, and I can’t thank her enough for all of her patience and knowledge which has made me a stronger woman. If you are at all looking for a better way to increase the wellness in your life, trust Athena!

Audra P

Working with Athena 1:1 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.

I always told myself that I’d sign up “one of these days” and finally told her the next time she opened up spots, to let me know and remind me that I wanted to do this.  She did and I worked with her for just under a full year.  I signed up because while I knew all the things I was supposed to be doing, I never seemed to quite get where I wanted to go. 

Having Athena take all the guesswork out of what I needed to do (and how often) let me focus on figuring out how to fit it into my busy schedule as a full time working mom of two. 

She really focused on working with the tools I had at home so I didn’t have to add “going to the gym” to my never ending to-do list.  The extra bonus was my kids got to see me taking time to workout, and even incorporated themselves into the workouts from time to time.  She helped me change my mindset from what I can’t do to what I can do, and helped me see the progress I was making even when I was focused on the pieces that weren’t quite working right.  We were working cross country from MA to WA so being able to send her videos for form checks was super helpful at first and gave me a visual record of the improvements I’d made as well. 

Her whole philosophy is how to make things work from a place of empowered decision making.  We worked together to be thoughtful about the nutrition choices I’m making and finding solutions that worked for me and my family.

 She creates a positive space full of possibilities and capabilities.  She meets you where you are, and helps you move towards where you want to be.  I’ve never felt more empowered as I did when working with her and that’s something I can take with me for the rest of my life.


I began Athena’s coaching program pretty consistent about exercise and eating decent. I was self-confident and accepting of my body but looking for change and not seeing it.

Previously I would go to the gym without a plan and default to zoning out on a cardio machine; when I began to incorporate strength training it was haphazard and I saw no results.

My motivation for working with Athena was to get myself out of “good enough” mode and start meeting my potential. I knew I needed goals and a challenge and Athena has given me that.

Athena creates workouts for me that make me excited to go to the gym. When I get to the gym I know exactly what I’m going to do. From week to week I can see and feel my progress as I get stronger and challenge myself.

She’s helped me freshen up my nutrition (plus I get lots of ideas from the women in her Empowered Together Coaching Club, an awesome perk of being a 1:1 client!), and her strategies around mindfulness have helped me to be intentional about choosing the food and beverages that I want and like while keeping in mind my long term fat loss goals.

I wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul or a diet, and Athena helped me tweak my actions and thinking in ways that work for my lifestyle and help me see change physically.”

Laura H.

I hired Athena to get myself back into a routine and put fitness back at the forefront of my life after I moved, lost my routine and regular class schedule, and was struggling to figure out my next step.

I did NOT expect to get out of it what I did: a completely new approach to fitness and food.

Athena asked me to give her 12 weeks and to trust the process. I trusted Athena, I did NOT trust the process, but in I went.

And it was Athena in the end, not my doctor, who was able to figure out that my approach to nutrition and fitness had not been working and why.

First, I used to be someone who took two or three Zumba classes back to back, and when I couldn’t get to a class, then I didn´t work out. I knew that I was supposed to also do strength training, but if I had to choose I would always choose cardio because I genuinely thought that’s how I would lose more weight.

Second, I have a two month period every year where things get crazy at work. This year, as I approached this busy season, I expressed to Athena how nervous I was. I had already worked so hard for 6 months with her, and I knew what summer brings for me and in my industry. It is all-consuming, 6 weeks of around-the-clock, sometimes sleepless, overwhelming insanity. And every year for me that means the same things: I stop working out because I don´t have the time or energy, and I eat whatever, whenever, or sometimes not at all.

Every year, I end summer heavier, exhausted, drained, and then it would always take me a month or two to get back to “normal.” I never lost weight because of this pattern.

Through coaching with Athena, we planned DOABLE strategies for meals, we planned when and how I would get my workouts in, how many, how much time, what to do if I was stuck in the office, what to do if I didn´t get any sleep, and she attempted to convince me that no, I would not lose the 6 months of work I had put in, and that I would survive summer. I was terrified but in we went… AND SUMMER WENT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH.

I worked out 5 times a week, I ate nutritious meals, and I took care of myself. Summer was insane, chaotic, exhausting, and nuts as it always is. It made our team shine and do their absolute best work as it always does. But this year, it didn´t happen at the expense of ME.

Before summer I had already taken my new tools, strategies, and workouts to 10 different cities, a few different countries, hotel rooms, conferences, cruise ships, and it was awesome, but summer scared the hell out of me, it was my Everest, but I made it, and at the other end of the text message was always Athena, cheering me on.

In total, I have lost over 30 pounds this year and dropped multiple sizes.
I no longer have an excuse to not exercise. It’s not all or nothing, it’s not dependent on whether or not I can make it to a class. I have SO much energy now, I am SO much stronger, I eat WAY less, and I HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME. It’s completely counterintuitive and I still can’t believe it. But it’s working!

As a coach, Athena takes your successes and celebrates them with you. Your wins are hers too: she is always there to help and coach you on how to make things easier in order to be successful. This past year has taught me that it’s okay to admit when you need help, it’s great to be able to lean on others to help change your story. And Athena Concannon helped me change mine, 100%.

Joy M.

I highly Athena’s 1:1 coaching program to anyone that is serious about
prioritizing their own health and well- being for the long- haul. You won’t regret it!

In February when I turned 50, I felt like I was in a health and fitness rut. I have been active my entire life, having been a collegiate athlete and an aerobics and spin addict after that.

But suddenly, my workout routine wasn’t giving me the same results, and even with being what I considered to be a healthy eater I noticed a few pounds creeping on… my belly wasn’t so flat.

I had been following Athena from afar and was very intrigued by her philosophy on overall well-being. I decided to have a connection call with her, and that sealed the deal! I knew that the 1:1 coaching fit my style as well and this would give me the accountability I need to kick things up a notch!

Working with Athena was everything I hoped for and more! Together we talked through what was
working for me, and what areas could possibly be tweaked. For example, I love spin classes but realized I was too focused on cardio and not getting in enough weight training- which has so important as we get older. Athena helped me come up with a customized plan that allowed me to do both. Another habit I established with Athena was taking walk breaks in my day – I realized I wasn’t moving much outside of my regular gym time!

Athena also helped me analyze my diet. Despite feeling like I was eating the right things, it became pretty clear that I was not eating enough veggies or drinking enough water! Athena helped me create more balanced meals which has helped me cut back on my snacking.

We also worked on strategies for sticking with my fitness and diet when I have to socialize or travel for work. This was extremely helpful going into the summer months where I had several trips planned.

Working with Athena gave me realistic and actionable guidance that I now consider to be part of my
lifestyle. As in forever changes!

Jen S.

I have changed so much from working Athena, and I’m so glad I started my journey in my teenage years.

I went from only working out 2 days a week just with my personal trainer to 6 days a week. I went from using walking as a punishment or only a last resort, to really enjoying and wanting to get that extra walk in. I also went from binge eating baked goods to knowing how to be more mindful and decide what’s worth it to me.

I had my last coaching call with Athena the day before I went to summer camp this year. That’s when everything became so surreal for me. At camp, the grounds were all steep hills. I would have struggled to get up them all day every day, but adding more exercise in during the week really helped me at camp. I also navigated food so much more mindfully. When I got back from camp and stepped on the scale this year, I had only gained 4 pounds. Last year, when I went away for the summer, I had gained 14.

These changes are all thanks to Athena Concannon and the magic that she works. I am so grateful that I found her, and I am extremely happy in the change in my mindset and how that HUGELY affects my nutrition, exercise, and self care.

Athena not only helped me as my fitness coach, but she helped me in all other aspects of my life too. I am a more responsible teenager and I am more resilient too… taking classes this year that are hard for me and a big risk, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Athena and my new confidence!

Fiona D.

My 1:1 coaching with Athena has been eye opening! I never thought having a coach would be so valuable.

It has helped me to change my mindset on so many levels between fitness, nutrition, body awareness, and personal development.

Athena has helped me change my beliefs about myself internally and externally. As someone who has struggled with lifetime body issues, to the point where I didn’t leave my house for a while and skipped all social events, I can honestly say my mindset has finally started to change. I feel stronger, I feel more confident, and I have developed better habits overall with exercise, nutrition, and self care. It’s a work in progress, and Athena has helped me in all aspects.

In addition, my attitude has changed. I no longer have the all or nothing mentality. Athena’s tough love, encouragement, motivation, and push is exactly what I needed!! She’s always been there for me to work through a struggle or challenge as well as provide videos of exercises or alternatives for me.

With Athena’s guidance, I have made significant lifestyle changes including my exercise habits (I’m focusing more on strength training), my relationship with food and fueling my body, and my focus on body appreciation and self care. Athena is also helping me with how I respond to any negative thoughts about myself or stresses that I may have. I am down about 15 pounds and look forward to my continued journey with Athena!

Jennifer T.

I found Athena at a time in my life where I felt like everything was working against me.

My commute was long, my work hours were long, and I didn’t feel like I had any time to myself, let alone time to cook and workout every night. I had gained weight and lost confidence and became accustomed to experiencing frequent shame spirals.

After years of identifying as a high school and college athlete, I would think about getting back into running and my inner voice would tell me “wow, look how far you have fallen.”

I was engaged, a year out from our wedding and instead of feeling excited to find my dress, all I could think was “what happened to me?”

I came across Athena’s page and couldn’t stop reading about her coaching program. I knew I had reached a point of such overwhelm that I was going to need help putting the pieces back together. And that’s exactly what we did.

Athena started by helping me look at the big picture and identify what things I could take off my plate in order to feel less stressed.

She helped me be kind to myself and meet myself where I was, instead of shaming myself for not being where I used to be.

She helped me put into words the reasons WHY working out and eating food that served me was important.

Turns out, it was never about losing weight just to look good. It was always about feeling good in my own body and having a strong sense of self that let me rise above the day-to-day obstacles and stress that comes my way. It was about operating out of a place of self love and looking for the opportunities in the day instead of focusing on what had to be done. It was about showing up as the best version of myself in all of my relationships.

Through her coaching on mindset shifts and custom workouts that make me feel strong AF, I finally have my feet back on solid ground. What Athena truly gave me were the tools to take back my own power.

After working with Athena, it is clear that I have gained so much more than I have lost. My 17 pounds lost does feel incredible, but what feels even better is my confidence level, the way I show up for myself and in relationships, and knowing I am in control of my own story.

Colleen A.

I began working with Athena after my second child stopped nursing.  Life was different with two children, and the previous ways I had lost weight in the past were no longer possible.

I had a different job that included a longer commute and evening conference calls. Two kids now needed my attention instead of one. I was also a few years older so things weren’t “bouncing back” like I might have wished.

I knew I wasn’t living my best life. I wished my body was a different shape. I knew what I needed to do in theory, but starting that journey felt overwhelming.

This is when I connected with Athena!  She helped me easily establish things that felt manageable for ME.

She set me up with effective workouts that could be done in my basement within 30 minutes. It was harder to make excuses with convenience like that!

She helped me learn to eat mindfully, with more veggies that felt do-able with my already jam-packed life.

We also worked on me letting go of feeling undeserving and unworthy, to shifting to a healthy frame of mind that I do deserve this, and that exercise doesn’t have to be punishment!

What does life look like now? I feel good from when I wake up to falling asleep (on most days anyways, I’m still human!).  I can now eat cake and pizza with my kids and not feel guilty, because I’ve planned for it and ate mindfully earlier that day OR because I’m living in the moment and now trust that one meal like that won’t derail anything. I workout because I GET to, not because I have to.  And if I’m having a day when I’m not feeling it, I consider what movement would be exciting – and then I do it.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to take time for myself, because I can’t pour from an empty cup and I’m a better mom, wife, person because of it.

Working with Athena has been a huge game changer for me! All my life, I’ve been “the bigger girl,” and I have tried every diet known to man. Nothing stuck for me, and I wanted something that would work for me long term, especially since I had my wedding come up. My best friend had worked with Athena for a few years, and after hearing how she had helped her, I knew I owed it to myself to give Athena’s coaching programs a try.

During my 1:1 time with Athena, she was always there for me when I needed her, whether it was to do a form check for a new exercise I was trying for the first time, to help guide through a challenging situation in terms of food, or when the guilt took over! After the first few weeks, I quickly learned that the work that needed to be done FIRST wasn’t the fat loss, but the mental piece. After years of dieting, and absorbing all of the diet culture, I needed to learn how to neutralize food, how to remove guilt around food, and how to detach emotion from food. I also focused on not exercising in order to eat later! I needed to learn to work out because I wanted to for my body. This work took a few months, but it was so worth it!

In addition, I was able to work with Athena on a fitness plan that I could do with knee injuries that required upcoming surgery and that kept me sidelined from running (my favorite!). With Athena’s help, I learned my way confidently around the weight room and was able to stay consistent through the knee issues. My customized plan taught me so many new things to use and try in order to a) get stronger, and b) help me return to running.

My coaching program started in July, and it ended right after my wedding and honeymoon in October. Since then, I have been a part of Athena’s Empowered Together Coaching Club to continue my journey. I no longer look at food as good or bad, it just is food! Since overcoming some of the mental obstacles around food, my focus has now turned to fat loss, which Athena is helping me with now that I’m in a better mindset! I have an arsenal of workouts that work for me and a routine of when I do them. I set weekly goals to stay on top of veggies, protein and water intake, along with movement outside of my scheduled workout time.

If you’re looking for a long-term program, and want to invest in yourself, work with Athena. Set up that first call, send that email. It’s absolutely worth the investment!

Heather G

In December 2018, I made the decision to sign up as a 1:1 coaching client of Athena’s.

I had recently made the decision to take control of another area of my health ( sleep apnea) and was feeling braver.

I have always been active and somewhat fit, having completed 2 marathons and many 1/2 marathons and shorter races, but I wanted to lose fat and increase my strength, energy, and stamina.

I had tried many programs and gyms in the past but I always quit, feeling like a failure. I was on the brink of giving up for good when I made the decision to just make that connection call.
That call changed so much for me.

We decided together that her coaching was a fit for me and I began her Best Self Program. At first, I was a bit shy and overwhelmed, but Athena was right there with me. She intuitively knew what would gently push me toward, what questions to ask and what tools to give me to help me feel empowered.

Her custom workouts were a godsend! It was like she had met me in person and knew exactly what my barriers were. We worked through my very long work days coupled with long commutes and came up with a program customized for me that fit into my life, exactly where I was. And each time I was ready to tackle a new challenge, she provided it.

When I started, I told her that I had given away my 8lb hand weights because I knew I would never be able to use them. Now, I can complete a workout with 20 lb weights and I am looking forward to the next challenge!

Athena’s anti-perfect philosophy has helped me in so many ways. I used to quit workouts and “diets” because I couldn’t do them perfectly. Now, I just keep moving forward by making the best choices I can, having so many tools and supports at my fingertips!


Sharon S.

As I approached my 33rd birthday, I realized that I’d spent my entire adult life chasing a sense of peace with myself, but had never really gotten there.

I couldn’t figure out how to escape the cycle of all or nothing when it came to fitness and nutrition.

I knew how to eat and move in order to be healthy, but viewed a “good” day as one when I followed those “rules” and a “bad” day as one where I didn’t. When I managed to drop a few pounds and feel slimmer, it never lasted. I went to bed most nights not knowing how I’d feel the next day, or how I’d navigate fitness and nutrition. It was exhausting and wasn’t getting me anywhere other than more wrapped up in the cycle.

I had been following Athena as an online coach since she started her business. Her message had always resonated with me, and I decided to finally book a connection call to discuss the different packages she offered to see what would make sense for me. While so many of them sounded like great opportunities, I knew I needed the option that would offer the most accountability and focus on my specific obstacles and goals.

I knew that I was looking for something much more than weight loss, but a real change in how I approached fitness and nutrition. 

Since I started working with Athena, I haven’t had a “getting ready meltdown.” This is a HUGE change, and I am so glad to have put an end to that pattern.

My clothes fit so much better, and looking at these side by side pictures definitely makes me feel proud of what I’ve accomplished! I even confidently wore a two piece bathing suit for the first time ever this summer.

I look for veggie opportunities every single day, and I’m becoming pretty good at finding them!

I have more energy and sleep SO much better than I used to. 

I think about my workouts one day at a time, because my schedule changes so often. I’ve figured out how to navigate this, and I feel so much more confident in taking a rest day. I used to be afraid they’d be the end of a workout streak, but now I know they’re so important and that my body feels good when it’s moving, so I trust I’ll grab those weights again the next day.

I finally recognized that I needed to get out of the struggling perfectionist cycle, and I needed a partner to get me there. Athena was this person for me.

Jill O

I never imagined having a virtual coach, but I am so happy I invested my time, money, and energy into Athena’s program.

Her incredible knowledge, honesty, patience, kindness, and everything she stands for are things that are hard to find in the fitness world, so I could not pass up the opportunity.

I lost 18 pounds working with Athena, but more importantly, I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge on health, nutrition, fitness, and self-care that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

One of the biggest dial-movers for me was realizing that I have always had the tools I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Athena simply helped me bring them to the forefront and learn how to prioritize what is important to me.

I know my weight loss is something that I will MAINTAIN and keep working at because I did not participate in some crazy fad diet where I will gain it all back.
I have now developed a lifestyle where meal-prepping, eating healthy, exercising, sleep patterns, and self-care are all pieces of a bigger puzzle that has so much more to it than a number on the scale!

During one of my last 1:1 coaching calls with Athena we discussed how much I have changed across the board in a year: not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

The girl who signed up 16 weeks ago? Green and nervous. The girl I am now? Strong, confident, healthy, knowledgeable, and HAPPY! I think I will stick with her.

Athena, you have changed my life in so many ways and I could never put a price tag on it. THANK YOU for bringing out the girl I am now!


Kelsey E.

I began working with Athena because, like many other women, I had tried so many ways to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, and nothing seemed to last.

From MLM health “gurus,” to gym memberships, to medicines my doctor prescribed, to integrative medicine, and seeing a personal trainer and a therapist.

While they all seemed to work for a little while, they were all doomed to failure long-term. I was getting tired of trying. I honestly thought I was cursed. I kept thinking of my family members saying, “You’ll never be small – you’re big-boned,” “You’re not fat, you’re rugged,” and wondering if I was just fated to be fat, weak and tired.

When I heard of Athena’s coaching programs, I was hopeful: her approach seemed different from others I had tried. She not only educated me on how I could achieve health and wellness, but she promised to be very involved in my progress – frequent check-ins, weekly goal setting and feedback, personalized strength training and cardio routines, video tutorials and classes, and support any time I needed to reach out.

During my time working 1:1 with Athena, I built a strong foundation for wellness. One thing I learned early on is that getting fit is so much more of a “head game” than it is a physical accomplishment. For me, dealing with mindset traps, becoming aware of how I talk to myself, and keeping myself motivated every day were parts of becoming healthy that I hadn’t really fit into any prior fitness plan. Through our coaching calls, I began to learn why I didn’t succeed with other programs: I would get a little success, fall into mindset traps, lose my motivation, and fall back into old habits.

One reason I would lose my motivation in the past was because I would continue to listen to the little voice inside that told me that any success I had would be temporary, and that I was ultimately doomed to go back to my old habits. Also, I mistakenly thought that every day had to be “perfect” – otherwise, it (and I) was a “failure.”

Athena helped me to accept the fact that “perfect is the enemy of good” and to do my best every day, whatever that was. She also showed me how to stay in the game, modifying my plans when unexpected things like injuries or home renovations would have normally thrown me off course and out of the game indefinitely. She has taught me how to be more mindful and how to turn negativity around to get to the root of the disempowering thoughts that have held me back for so long.

Athena is compassionate, wise, and so supportive, and it is because of what she has shared with me that I have made healthy changes – for my body & mind – that are going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

Cindy W.
Cindy W.

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