Good morning!

Recently my good friends over at Effie’s Homemade sent me some samples of their new line of Semolina crackers.  You guys may remember Effie’s from when they gave away a gift box of their oatcakes, nutcakes, and corncakes on Fitness & Feta back in October.

Well, Effie’s is back with three new flavors of Semolina crackers after years of recipe tweaking, ingredient sourcing, and lots of sampling!  These crackers are inspired by a European flat-bread that Effie’s made in their old catering shop, and let me tell you they definitely make for a fab snack.

Here are some facts about the new line:

  • Rustic crackers inspired by flavors and traditions of the Mediterranean
  • Key ingredients — semolina and extra virgin olive oil
  • All-natural and delicious
  • 9 month shelf life
  • Consumer friendly, resealable bags
  • Easy to cross-sell with cheese, dips, etc.

By the way, if you’re wondering what the heck semolina is (I definitely was!), it is the flour from durum hard wheat.  It is high in protein but lower in gluten than regular wheat flour.

I don’t keep many snacks in the house, but I do usually have some kind of cracker on hand.  Most of the time I go for reduced-fat Wheat Thins, reduced-fat Triscuits, or the Kashi TLC 7 grain.  It was nice to change things up with not one, but three new types of crackers!

Let’s talk about each flavor.

Roasted Garlic & Coriander
The Roasted Garlic & Coriander balance the flavor of subtle roasted garlic with bright, lemony coriander.  Effie’s recommends pairing with tapenades, bold cheeses, and cured meats.  I really liked this with some Laughing Cow cheese wedges spread on top!  Yum, yum, yum.

Lavender & Sea Salt
If I HAD to pick a least favorite, I guess this would be it?  I think only because I am not the biggest lavender fan?  I think I was nervous that the lavender flavor would be too much, but honestly it wasn’t overwhelming at all.  These crackers had a nice herbal hint to them and the sea salt was perfect.  Effie’s recommends pairing this flavor with creamy brie and goat cheeses or trying alongside dips, pâté or crumbled over your favorite soup.

Sunflower & Sesame
These seeded crackers are a MUST TRY.  They are not only super addictive on their own they easily pair with hummus, dips and your favorite sharp and creamy cheeses.  I definitely enjoyed all three flavors, but the Sunflower & Sesame were hands down my favorite.  I think I accidentally ate wayyyy more than just one serving at once!  Straight out of the bag, I chomp chomp chomped away.  😉

Effie’s Homemade Semolina Cracker FREE Giveaway

The folks at Effie’s have once again kindly offered to give away a free gift box to one random commenter on this post.  The gift box will include one package each of the Roasted Garlic & Coriander, the Sea Salt & Lavender, and the Sunflower & Sesame Seed crackers. 

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which flavor you think you’d like best. 

Each person who enters the giveaway can receive up to THREE additional contest entries by doing any of the following:

  1. Linking to this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter with the following:  “I just entered to win fun all-natural crackers from @EffiesHomemade and @FitnessandFeta.  You can too!”
  2. Liking BOTH Effie’s AND Fitness & Feta on Facebook.  (1 comment for both please)
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Just make sure to leave me separate comments (that’s a max of four total comments, folks!) for each additional option you do.  The contest ends Sunday at noon EST, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.  Good luck!

Disclaimer/Disclosure:  I did not receive any financial contributions for this review; however, I did receive free products from the company so that I could test them out and then tell you my thoughts.  All opinions are my own.