The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA. All opinions are my own.

I recently received a workout outfit from PUMA to review and share with you on F&F.

PUMA Fitness Outfit

I must admit that my first few months as a Fitfluential Ambassador are not letting me down – there’s so much fun fitness gear being sent my way! Selfishly, I like adding to my ever-growing drawer closet of workout clothes, but I also like to give you guys the rundown on new products and apparel on the market. I always say that I have zero fashion sense when it comes to dressing for work or going out, but I can talk spandex any day.

Here are the three PUMA products I tried out last week:

(Formlite XT Ultra Women’s Training Shoes)

When I took these out of the box, the first thing I said was “oooo these are fun” because I love, love, LOVE the colors. I don’t have a token pair of bright pink sneaks, so I’m psyched to add one to my sneaker collection.

Puma Formlite XT Ultra

These are VERY lightweight, and it feels like I am walking on air while wearing them. While I still haven’t made the switch to minimalist sneakers for running because I prefer a shoe conducive to my orthodic inserts, I liked wearing these while in the weight room and on the spin bike. One feature I’m not that hot on is the ankle height. Maybe I just need to get lower socks, but even my “no-show” socks were peeking out too much with these guys! Nerd alert.

Tank Top
(Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank)

Gah, I want to love this one so bad.

Puma Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank

I want to love this tank top because like the sneaks, the color combo really appeals to me. I want to love this tank because of its comfortable fit throughout the body. And I especially want to love this tank top because of its unique design on the back. I can totally rock this one, no!?

PUMA Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank

But I just can’t love it because of its damn built-in sports bra! I know I’m not the most well endowed girl out there and that I no longer have the chest I used to, but I still need to wear a sports bra while working out. While this tank boasts having a built-in bra lining, it just didn’t feel supportive enough to do a high intensity workout in. I can’t be letting the ladies hang out, especially when teaching in front of a class!

Puma Graphic All Eyes On Me Tank

When a tank has a built-in lining, cups, etc., I often double up and wear a regular sports bra anyways, but wearing both with this tank just felt too bulky and awkward for my liking. Unfortunately, unless I can get over the doubling up discomfort, this tank will probably be reserved for home workouts, yoga, or spin classes in the dark. Boo!

Crop pants
(Gym graphic 3/4 tights)

These crops are my favorite out of the three items I received. I guess I’m a sucker for PUMA’s bright color combos, but I have to mention (again) how much I like the aesthetics of these.

PUMA Gym Graphic 3/4 Tights

The color panels start on the sides and then wrap around to the back of the pant. Not only do these bottoms have a flattering design, but they fit PERFECTLY and are super comfortable to work out in. They have that moisture-wicking material that is necessary to remain dry during the sweatiest of workouts. Now I want to go grab a few more tops to match so these pants can be in my rotation more often than only when my black tops are clean. I think I’ll check if PUMA has some without the built in bra first!

Puma Gym Graphic 3/4 Tight

–Let’s chat–
Do you own any PUMA apparel? Do you prefer workout tanks with or without a built-in bra? What color combinations do you tend to go for when shopping for gym gear? Out of the three items I reviewed, which would you be most likely to buy?

Hope your weeks are all off to a great start!