A free 5-day fitness challenge to help you get stronger and progress your pushups!

Pushups are a common performance goal among the women I work with.

They’re a surefire way to build both upper body and core strength, and they’re pretty easy to progress when practiced consistently and frequently.

Pushups require no equipment, making them a go to exercise for taking outdoors or doing while traveling, and there are countless variations you can learn too.

In fact, one of the things I love most about pushup work is that there are countless amounts of regressions and progressions to meet someone exactly where they are in their pushup journey.

Plus, there’s something about the thought of being able to just drop down and bang out 10 stellar pushups that feels pretty badass, isn’t there?

So just in time for summer, I want to help you kick your fitness habits up a notch, refresh your routine, and take your pushup training to the next level.

Introducing the 5-Day Operation Pushup Challenge!

Here’s what each day of the challenge will entail:


Day 1: Fix Your Pushup Form

To kick off the challenge, we will be diving into form – because without the right form, what’s the point? Uncover the most common pushup mistakes that people make and learn how to correct them so you know you are getting the full benefit of this exercise.


Day 2: Master Your Pushup Progressions

After making adjustments to your pushup form, you will learn what I call “The Terrific Ten.” These 10 pushup progressions are what will help you make progress toward that first pushup from the floor FASTER than pushups from your knees ever will. You’ll learn why these other variations are much more effective for getting to your goal. Already doing some pushups from the floor? These can help you do MORE!


Day 3: Make Your Pushups Harder

Once you have the proper progressions under your belt, we will dive into ways to make your pushups more challenging, whether you’re doing variations from the floor or not. Having these variations in your workout arsenal will ensure your pushups don’t get stale and give you plenty of options for making home workouts more challenging.


Day 4: Get Stronger Overall

When working on pushups, you shouldn’t ONLY do pushups. You need SPECIFICITY in your workout programming. Meaning – are you strategically incorporating OTHER moves that will help you get to your desired result? Learn what areas of your body you should be focusing on and some other bang for your buck exercises and drills that you can start incorporating.


Day 5: Putting It All Together

Finally, we’ll wrap up the week by hosting an open Q+A and putting everything together so it’s cohesive and you know exactly what you can do moving forward. I’ll chat about different ways you can break down your workouts moving forward to include exactly what you need in a balanced way, without needing to spend more time working out.

Meet Your Operation Pushup Coach

Hi, I’m Athena!

I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena.

I help high-achieving women get stronger and increase their confidence with strength training, transform their relationship with food with an #EmpoweredEating approach, and live their lives more fully and freely – without being bogged down by perfectionism, overwhelm, and unrealistic “wellness” culture ideals.

I’m passionate about helping women achieve things they don’t think their bodies are capable of doing: full pushups from the floor, unassisted chin-ups, bench pressing in the hundred club, deadlifting your bodyweight, the list goes on. The options are endless!

But it’s also really important to me to coach with integrity. You can’t skip steps to get there! I mean, I guess you CAN, but not without compromising form, setting yourself up for injury and frustration, or operating from a place of ego instead of intention.


This is why I created the Operation Pushup Challenge: to teach you the most efficient, effective, and safe ways to excel with pushups – without skipping the foundations you need to get there.

Even if you’ve been doing pushups for years (anyone having flashbacks to middle school gym class?!), there’s a pretty good chance you aren’t performing them correctly.

This could be the reason you feel that doing a pushup from the floor feels out of reach. Or that doing MORE pushups from the floor seems like it will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Or that more advanced variations just “aren’t for you.”

I see a LOT of people who can lift pretty heavy loads, but struggle to do a proper pushup – without even realizing it.

I see a LOT of women who compensate form just for the sake of doing a more advanced variation than they’re actually ready for.

I also see a LOT of women continue to do pushups from their knees, thinking that’s the best way to modify. We’re talking years of kneeling pushups here!

Let’s put aside what you think you know about pushups and instead learn a more intentional and strategic way – and of course, we’ll have some FUN while we’re at it!

I couldn’t have cared less about pushups previously. They were hard, and not in a good way, but in a “my body feels all wrong kind of way.” Until Athena programmed a variety of pushups so I could learn: hand release, incline, tempo. Now I don’t hate them anymore and think it’s a cool move to feel strong.  -Laura

Here are the Logistics You Need to Know:

The challenge will take place from Monday, May 17th through Friday, May 21st.

There is no cost to join – I am offering this challenge for FREE99!

The challenge will be taking place on Instagram.

Each day during the challenge, you will receive an email to your inbox with that day’s focus area + challenge check in options. Then each day I will go LIVE on Instagram at 11:00am EST to talk more about the daily topics, outlined above. All LIVES will have replays posted for those who cannot watch in real time.

Your challenge will be to complete a recommended challenge check in by posting on your Insta feed and/or story, using our challenge hashtag and tagging me in your posts! 

Upon signing up, you will receive an email from Athena within 10-15 minutes to your inbox containing all the information you need. If you do not receive it, please check your spam and promotions folders. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email at info@achievewithathena.com.

The challenge starts in:








 Let’s do this!

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