Last week was pretty much a useless week for me.  Last Monday night after Ashley’s Cardio Cutz class, I came home and felt like I needed to face plant immediately.  The sore throat and meh feeling just hit me out of nowhere.  Tuesday I woke up all blah, but luckily I was already scheduled to work from home.  I taught class anyways Tuesday night, but used Wednesday as a rest day and didn’t exercise or go to girls Christmas dinner.  Finally, by Thursday I was feeling better and had fought off the cold but my eye was tweaking out instead (it’s always something).  It’s actually been on and off bloodshot for about two months now, and I’ve just been chalking it up to being overtired and stressed.  It didn’t hurt so I didn’t think anything of it.  However, last week my eye was literally rejecting my contacts and the redness and irritation was getting worse and worse.  Thursday morning I was at work going through emails and realized that I couldn’t see my computer.  My vision was blurry, and I was experiencing severe pain any time I looked into any sort of light.  I was in the auditorium watching a presentation when I decided that I needed to leave work for an emergency appointment since the glare from the screen was causing piercing pain through my eye.  I drove myself with one eye open all the way to my uncle’s business in Lowell (thank goodness for an optometrist in the family), and long story short, I had an ulcer on my eye.

Then this happened.


Yep, I had to drive home from the appointment like that so the sun wouldn’t hurt me anymore.  I got a lot of weird looks, that’s for sure.  I’ve been on heavy-duty eye drops every hour for the past couple of days, I couldn’t drive until my vision cleared again, and it’s been a pain in the you know what.  It’s cleared up, so all is well, but it was still pretty scary as it was happening!  I seriously thought I was going blind.  But between going to bed so early at the beginning of the week to fight my cold and needing to take two sick afternoons (one for the first freak out eye visit and one for a follow-up the next day to make sure the ulcer didn’t turn into a fungus… yup), I feel a little behind in everything I was supposed to get done last week.  Total wash.

But then who am I to complain about these trivial things when the poor Newtown, CT community continues to grieve the loss of the 20 children and 6 adults from Sandy Hook Elementary that were killed in last week’s horrific mass shootings?  It’s sickening.  I can’t even think about it without getting upset.  These poor innocent little babies.  Besides being upset about the obvious, and seeing the crazy sad social media coverage on the event, has anyone else been noticing (and/or getting worked up) about the outrage on gun control, school safety procedures, and any of the more “political” topics?

Personally, I am getting fired up reading all the articles about needing better care and better programs for mentally ill people who could potentially end up so messed up that they do go shooting an entire community in a fit of rage.  Maybe we should stop caring so much about “equal rights” as we do about allowing people who simply CAN’T mentally make a sound decision for themselves get the care that they need.  I could go on and on about this topic, but instead I’ll leave you with this article to read if you haven’t seen it all over the news yet.  It’s pretty crazy.  And it’s real.  And for anyone backlashing against this woman saying her son is the way he is because of HER, stop being so damn ignorant.


I actually have no idea if Adam Lanza had any type of diagnosed mental illness.  I don’t think that’s been determined yet.  But he is certainly bringing some attention to the topic, no?

The world, self included, grieves for the families of the victims, as they most definitely should.

But I am grieving for the family of the shooter too.

And that’s about all I can muster up for tonight.