Yesterday Tim and I went on a lunch date in the middle of our work day. We went to Vello’s in Westwood. Tim used to go there for lunch with his dad and has been talking this place up for quite some time now. I was so excited to finally try it after all his hype!

Right away I got the feel of a homey, neighborhood restaurant. It seemed like a cross between a cafe and a diner. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The decor inside was very tasteful, and I loved all the children’s artwork displaying on the walls. One wall even had little handprints all over it! I think they had some local artists’ pieces displaying as well.

I really liked the mason jar classes too!

For my meal, I ordered the cranberry and candied pecan salad. It had plum tomatoes, cucumber, goat cheese, cranberries, pecans, and steak tips over mixed greens. It was so good!

Tim doesn’t always opt for the healthier options like I do…

…but he does try hard most of the time. 😉 Yesterday he ordered the jack and guac burger with spicy fries on the side. I snuck a bite of Tim’s meal, so I can report that his was delicious too! On our way out, the smoothie sign caught our eye, so we decided to each get one to bring back to work.

Tim chose the berried alive, made with cranberry juice, strawberries, and blueberries. He got his with the frozen yogurt. I went with temptation island: pineapple juice, banana, and strawberries. I ordered mine with the organic vanilla breakfast yogurt, and I couldn’t tell a difference in taste!

I was happy after our work day lunch date! And also nerdy for leaving my badge on while we ate.

I don’t go out to lunch often while at work because I try not to spend too much extra money during the week and I like to make my lunches, but yesterday was a special treat!

Let’s chat! Where’s your favorite place to get lunch near your work? 

Have a great weekend, you guys!