Return To Routine

Return To Routine

The Legit Fit Bundle full of small lifestyle tweaks that get YOU healthier and allow BUSY to become EASIER.

With summer coming to a close, you might be feeling like you want to push that inevitable reset button that comes with the changing of seasons.

Sure, like me, you may miss those beach days, but maybe routine and normalcy is your jam?

I hear you girl!

And I also know this... with the onset of fall comes a more structured schedule, which always helps increase our commitment to consistent workouts and healthier eating.

Regardless of whether you’re beating yourself up for summer not going exactly as planned or you simply know you need to rein things in a little bit...

I got you covered!

Here’s what the Return to Routine Bundle includes:

Legit Fit For Fall Workout Plan ($175 VALUE)

Sometimes you just need someone to take the guesswork out of your workouts so that it’s one less thing for you to think about, especially as you are settling back into the swing of things and everything that comes with a change in seasons. 

Your Legit Fit for Fall workouts are a mix of bodyweight and dumbbell workouts, they will take 40 minutes or less to complete, and they can be done either at home if you have access to dumbbells, or at the gym.

Your workouts will include:

  • 1 total body strength workout
  • 1 upper body strength workout
  • 1 lower body strength workout
  • 2 bodyweight cardio workouts

All with video tutorials to take the guesswork out of it.

Along with these legit fit BONUSES:

  • Bonus stand alone core crusher
  • Bonus stand alone booty burner
  • Bonus stand alone arm burner
  • Bonus 5 minute warmup flows
  • Bonus workout tracker too designed to keep you organized and getting it done!

Meal Prep Makeover Kit ($97 VALUE)

Of course you know that you need solid nutrition habits to fuel both your workout performance and recovery. Luckily, this can be accomplished without a diet or huge overhaul. All you need to do is choose to put some more nutritious options on your plate, make swaps when you can to up your protein and veggie intake, and of course still enjoy the occasional treat in moderation!

As fall schedules start ramping back up, being prepared and having some food and meals ready to go is going to be key for taking as much on the spot decision making out of the equation.

You don’t have to prep ALL your food of course (let’s keep things realistic!), but your Meal Prep Makeover Kit will provide you with the ideas you need for keeping your fridge stocked with the essentials you can grab when things feel extra hectic.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Your batch prep basics: the must haves you need every week to set you up for nutrition success 
  • 5 breakfast on the go recipes
  • 5 autumn inspired salads that don't suck recipes
  • 5 weeknight dinner in a jif recipes

Along with these legit fit BONUSES:

  • Bonus healthy snack attack guide
  • Bonus go to convenience foods list!

Best Self Healthy Habits Helper ($47 VALUE)

Finally, to help you stay on track with your healthy habits this fall, you will also receive my Best Self Healthy Habits Helper.

The Healthy Habits Helper also ensures you are incorporating a self-care component to round out your ramped up workout plan and improved eating. You really can’t do one without the others and expect to achieve success!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • My signature Best Self Body Scan, which will help you zone in on exactly what your body needs on any given day
  • Self care suggestions for you to consider adding to your own personal self care toolkit, designed to help you keep stress at bay and prioritize your needs
  • A weekly planning sheet for you to use to make sure you are getting your essential return to routine habits in, without the overwhelm.

Basically, when you purchase the Return to Routine Bundle, you will get EVERYTHING you need to make small lifestyle tweaks that get YOU healthier, and allow you to feel like BUSY becomes EASIER.

To review, the Return to Routine Bundle gets you:

  • 1. The Legit Fit For Fall Workout Program, designed with time-saving workouts that will not only help you build muscle and get lean, but will keep you organized, structured, and progressing appropriately with your training.
  • 2. The Meal Prep Makeover Kit, chock full of new, easy peasy recipe ideas that will save you time in the kitchen but still allow you to eat in a way that energizes you and leaves you feeling amazing.
  • 3. The Healthy Habits Helper to ensure you incorporate self care and plan your weeks in a manageable, doable way for whatever YOUR fall entails!
Previously I would go to the gym without a plan and default to zoning out on a cardio machine. When I began to incorporate strength training on my own, it was haphazard, random, and I saw no results. Athena's workout programs make me excited to go to the gym, and when I get there, I know exactly what I'm going to do. From week to week I can see and feel my progress as I get stronger and continue to challenge myself. Athena has also helped me freshen up my nutrition through her recipe and food ideas. If you are someone who isn't looking for a complete overhaul or diet, but you want to tweak your actions in ways that work for yourself and help you see physical change, Athena's programs are for you!
Athena's workouts are challenging, but safe, with videos to guide. I've never felt bored with her workouts, and they are scalable for home so I don't feel like I have to spend time away from my kids in order to take care of myself. Athena is also a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, and I have learned SO many delicious recipes and nutrition strategies from her. Her meal prep tips help me not have to think about my food choices so much!
Through Athena's 30 minute workouts, super simple meal ideas, and self care strategies, I've learned that it's ok to take time for myself, because I can't pour from an empty cup! I now know how to figure out what my body needs on any given day, how to plan for my busy weeks, and I'm now a better mom, wife, and person because of it.

This bundle has a total value of $319, but you can get it for 75% off this weekend only by clicking the button below:

Purchase your Return to Routine Bundle for just $79!

You and I already know that if you’ve read this far, you have a strong interest in achieving your fitness, nutrition, and self care goals this fall, all while keeping things as simple and sane as possible.

All that’s left is for you to take action to do it.

Right now, while it’s fresh in your mind, grab your Return to Routine bundle for only $79.

Hi, I’m Athena Concannon, and I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 certified nutrition coach, and the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena. I specialize in helping time-strapped, ambitious women stop settling for the status quo, take their current health habits to the next level, and achieve their goals in ways that are simple, sustainable, and FUN.

I’ve been working in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, with experience in commercial, corporate, and online settings, and I know just how re-energizing a change in seasons can be for getting refocused on your health habits, whether that’s to get back to a sense of consistency or up the ante a bit.

This is why I created the Return to Routine Bundle – so you don’t let the rest of the year get away from you! The bundle is your one stop shop to reinvigorated fitness, nutrition, and self care habits for fall… BEFORE the holiday season hits.

With over $200 in savings, grabbing your copy is a serious no brainer!

Purchase your Return to Routine Bundle for just $79!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email directly to your inbox that includes your workout program, meal prep kit, and habits helper. You’ll also access to a one-chance special bonus offer – I love rewarding you for taking action and investing in your health! Please do be sure to check your inbox, spam, and promotions folders for the email from me. If you don’t see it within 15-20 minutes of purchase, please reach out at

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