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Thank you so much for grabbing your copy of the Return to Routine Bundle!

Because you jumped on this opportunity, I know how important re-establishing your healthy habits this fall is to you.

You have your workout plan, you have your new recipes, and you have your habits helper to assist you in putting it all together… woohoo!

But I want to give you the chance to take all of this a step further.

Perhaps you want a little extra coaching on how to make the workouts work for YOU. You want to talk out things like:

  • How can you still go to your favorite classes without overdoing it?
  • What if you only have 3 days a week to dedicate to training? What should you prioritize?

Or maybe you know you need some extra hand-holding around your nutrition habits. You would love to have a one-on-one discussion on things like:

  • How can you nix self-sabotaging nutrition behaviors that counteract the meal prep you do, such as overdoing it when out to eat or turning to food at night after a tough day?
  • How can you up your veggie or protein intake, when you feel like you’ve tried everything in these areas already?

If you simply want to talk out what obstacles might get in the way this fall, how to efficiently use the limited time you have, or make sure you understand what realistic expectations are for your progress…

...then I encourage you to book your one-time, 90-Day Goal Planning Session.

Your only opportunity to get this special offer is right here, right now.

Yes, I want to book a 90-Day Goal Setting Session for only $99!

Right now, as a thank you for grabbing your Return to Routine Bundle, you can save over $50 and book this 60-minute coaching call for only $99. The normal cost is $150!

During your 90-Day Goal Planning Session, together we will map out your September, October, and November and figure out what are the top 3 dial-moving areas that will help you get to where you want to be so that you can sail into December looking and feeling your absolute best for the holidays!

Your only opportunity to get this special offer is right here, right now.

Yes, I want to book a 90-Day Goal Setting Session for only $99!
"My Fit Body Breakthrough sessions with Athena helped me really hone in on my health and fitness goals and made me feel so much less overwhelmed! I've done a few, and during this time, Athena helped me identify what I want to work on, and each time I’ve met with her, she's also helped me get really clear on why. We’ve come up with concrete and DOABLE action plans for how I’ll accomplish those goals, rather than just talk about the goals themselves. Athena has made me feel extremely comfortable being vulnerable and has helped me to realize that the first step to any health journey is to be really grounded in what you’re trying to do! The time flies by, but it is so worth it! I’m so glad I’ve taken advantage of these jumpstart sessions with Athena!"
Yes, I want to book a 90-Day Goal Setting Session for only $99!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email directly to your inbox includes a link to get your 90-Day Goal Setting Session scheduled, as well as all the other information you need. Please do be sure to check your inbox, spam, and promotions folders for the email from me. If you don’t see it within 15-20 minutes of purchase, please reach out at

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