Hi everyone!

Just a quick Sunday morning post before I head out for some fall fun today.

Yesterday was my family filled day:  Cousin’s baseball game, aunt’s birthday, and Tim’s sister’s graduation dinner.

Aunt’s Birthday

For my aunt’s, my uncle cooked a nice chicken dish:  Chicken with tomatoes, onions, and feta cheese (obviously) and side of broccoli and squash.  We had salad too.

And birthday cake for Auntie Paula – the cake originally said Paulie – ha!

It was some needed time spent with that side of the fam.

Graduation Dinner

Katie’s graduation dinner was at West on Centre in West Roxbury.  Dinner was fun with everyone, but here’s my little review of the restaurant:

  • Service:  Waitress was very nice and attentive to what everyone wanted, but our food took forever.  Maybe because it was a busy night or because we had a party of 12, but we waited quite some time to eat.
  • Ambiance:  Loved it in there.  One side had a big bar with music, the other side was tables for dining.  In the middle they had an open kitchen and seating at high seats in front of the window to look in.  Very cool.
  • Availability of Food:  Out of shipyard pumpkin, out of the hummusy spread for the bread, and only two scallop dinners left.  Three strikes?
  • Food itself:  I ordered pumpkin ravioli with a side salad, but my raviolis were barely cooked – they were chewy!  I was disappointed.
  • Price:  A little more expensive than your average place, but nothing too crazy.

Verdict:  I would probably go back for drinks and maybe a pizza or an appetizer, but probably not again for a full dinner.

After dinner, we went to The Corrib Pub down the street in West Roxbury for some more beers.  This one had Shipyards, phew!  You all know how much I’ve been loving Shipyard lately!  We hung out, played some games, and had some good laughs.

Overall fun night.

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Question of the Day:  Tell me about your weekend!  What did you do?

Have a nice Sunday!