Friday, thank you for finally being here.  I’ve definitely been in a slight rut this week, and honestly just today feel like I’m able to “catch up” on things.  That being said, I don’t have any Friday Favorites to share with you guys this week because I barely did any blog reading of my own!  Instead, I just want to share some fun pictures from Greek Easter last Sunday.

Oh!  If you are sitting there thinking, “wasn’t Easter in March” then you should read this article.  It’s a nice explanation of why Orthodox Christians (like us feta-loving Greeks) celebrate Easter on a different day.  Then look at the pictures!

Greek Easter 2013

Greek Easter 2013:  Me & Tim

Spanakopita Bites

Greek Easter 2013

Greek Easter 2013:  Easter Eggs

Greek Easter 2013

Greek Easter Dinner 2013

Greek Easter 2013:  Lamb Tacos

Easter Egg Bracketology

Easter Egg Bracketology 2

Easter Egg Bracketology 3

Easter Egg Bracketology 4

Easter Egg Bracketology 5

Easter Egg Bracketology 7

Pecan Crusted Carrot Cake

Greek Easter: Trifle

Greek Easter: Carrot Cake

Greek Easter 2013: Nap

Some highlights:

  • Lamb tacos.  Since Greek Easter fell on Cinco de Mayo, how else were we supposed to celebrate both holidays at once?
  • The yummy appetizer I brought, spanakopita bites.  I like to call it the lazy quick and easy version of real spanakopita.
  • My first attempt ever at a carrot cake
  • Easter egg bracketology, an annual tradition

It was a beautiful day out, so we also went for a walk between eating dinner and dessert.  I’m so happy spring has finally sprung in Boston.  The sunshine makes everything better.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?  Easter egg bracketology is definitely one of mine!

Happy weekend, everyone.