NYC 2013: Craft Beers

NYC 2013: Me & EricaNYC 2013: Slesh & Bridget

NYC 2013: Pony Bar

NYC 2013: Breakfast

NYC 2013: Mimosa

NYC 2013: Coffee

NYC 2013: Christmas Tree

NYC 2013: Me & Bridge

Me & Slesh

NYC 2013: Tree

NYC 2013: Tree

NYC 2013: Me at the Tree

NYC 2013: Angels

NYC 2013: Magnolia Bakery

NYC 2013: Magnolia Bakery

NYC 2013: Lights

NYC 2013: Sparkle

NYC 2013: Bryant Park

NYC 2013: Bryant Park

NYC 2013: Bryant Park The Porch

NYC 2013: Bryant Park

NYC 2013: Mustaches

NYC 2013: Margarita

NYC 2013: Girls

NYC 2013: Besties

Last weekend I went to New York City with Bridget and Slesh to visit our friend Erica. Our time there was filled with food, drinks, treats, sightseeing, shopping, holiday cheer, and laughs. After arriving on Friday, we headed out for Italian food and wine. We then spent the rest of the night catching up over craft beers. On Saturday we enjoyed a late brunch, and then we ventured to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, do some shopping, and stop in at Magnolia Bakery for a latte and a couple of sweet treats. We also browsed through the holiday shops at Bryant Park and hung out by the fire pit at an outdoor bar called The Porch. Saturday night was spent enjoying margaritas and Mexican food for dinner, and then we wrapped up the night with some dancing.

Even though the city was filled with the hustle and bustle of tourists visiting for the holidays, I felt like I was able to “get away,” relax, and not think about anything on my to do list while I was there. Of course our weekend was “planned” in the sense that I had it in my calendar, but we didn’t have any planned activities beforehand. Having a go with the flow kind of weekend was something I very much needed! This fall and winter has been chock full of things to do, and this weekend was a nice reminder of why I need more spontaneity in my life. I was just surrounded by my bests and living in the moment. I’m thinking 2014 will be a good year to focus a little more on these things. But more on that later. I’m just feeling thankful this week for having such great friends in my life.

Have you ever been to New York City during the holidays? When was the last time you had an “unplanned” or spontaneous kind of weekend? Who is someone you are thankful for this week?

Thanks again, Erica, for hosting us!