And we’re back to another Monday morning.

In case you missed any of my weekend posts:

Oh, and here are some scenes from my weekend:

Red Sox Game…


Beer bucket + the most amazing quesadilla ever at The Lower Depths

A delicious and much-needed iced french vanilla non-fat and no-sugar latte from Treats.  Never tried this place before, I liked!


Corpbasics fundraiser for Reach Out at the Y on Saturday afternoon…


Fun new shorts from Old Navy!  Love, love, love!


Dinner + Snacks + Wine + Friends + Tim’s deck + Tim’s grill….

Beach day of fun!  Constitution Beach near Logan Airport was surprisingly nice…

Finishing “Catching Fire” finally of the Hunger Games series…


And finally, new boxers.  With ICE CREAM on them.  Enough said.


Pretty solid weekend if you ask me!

Let’s kick off this week with my usual recap of last week’s workouts and a plan for this week’s:

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week I still modified a lot of my usual workouts for my hip, but I think I was able to get in a good amount of exercise all things considering…

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  20 minutes steady cardio on the elliptical + 20 minutes Core Strength
  • Tuesday:  20 minutes steady cardio on the spin bike + taught Circuit (did all upper body + abs, modified legs + cardio)
  • Wednesday:  My “How to Pass 35 Minutes on the Elliptical” Workout + these ab moves + lots of stretching/foam rolling
  • Thursday:  Taught Circuit class, did most of the workout!
  • Friday:  Off — treated myself to a sports massage
  • Saturday:  2 hour CBC session for the Y fundraiser — Cutz, Kix, and Floor Work!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  Some type of cardio + 20 minutes Core Strength
  • Tuesday:  How the hip feels will determine whether I go to Kix versus do cardio of my own.  Either way, I’m teaching Circuit (maybe outside this week?)
  • Wednesday:  Off or TBD
  • Thursday:  Teaching Circuit
  • Friday:  Hour of Power yoga at Prana
  • Saturday:  Off or TBD

How were your weekends?  How were your workouts last week?  Plans for workouts this week?

Enjoy your Monday!