My most popular coaching tool! My clients love it because it helps them feel in control of their fitness 365 days a year.

Then watch the video below for free coaching on how you can achieve this kind of consistency too!

Hands down one of the biggest mistakes I see women making in their fitness is expecting that their workouts – and the other habits to support their workouts – will look exactly the same all year round.

And this is just not realistic!

In reality, your schedule is certainly not the same all year round.

The activities you enjoy doing might not be the same all year round.

Heck, your goals are probably not – and really shouldn’t be – the same year round!

So how can you expect your workouts to always be the same too!?

The secret for always having full control over your health + fitness is to honor the season you are in instead of letting the season run you.

This might be an actual time of the year, a season at work, or a phase you’re going through in your life.

It is SO IMPORTANT to give yourself permission for your health + fitness to shift a bit during these times.

When you PLAN for the shifts as being an inevitable and natural part of the process, when they do happen, you will be in a much more empowered place to handle them instead of going into freak out mode about how “off track” you think you will be.

It puts YOU in the driver’s seat for navigating the ebbs + flows.

The Seasonal Success Matrix is one of my most popular coaching tools, and my clients who use it have INCREDIBLE SUCCESS in maintaining their consistent healthy habits through their busiest times of the year.

I invite you to grab your copy and watch the video training on how to best use it to set you up for success, no matter what season you are in!

Consider it free coaching from me. You’re welcome! 😉

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