Hello, hello.

This is going to be a very random post.

— I just got in from teaching a very sweaty Cardio & Core class this morning.  I really do love teaching 20 minutes of Cutz, 20 minutes of Kix, and 20 minutes of floor work.  And it’s a fun little crowd.   Like I just posted on the Fitness & Feta Facebook Page, I always groan when my alarm goes off at 5:25am for my morning workouts, but afterwards it always feels SO worth it.

Love that quote.  🙂

Hmm, what else?

Best Body Bootcamp Week 2 in workouts is going well.  I’ve switched up the order of the workouts so I could teach different routines to my classes this week so they didn’t get the same class two weeks in a row from last week.  Circuit Training peeps — I think you guys are liking the workouts?!  You’re definitely rockin’ them!  And *fingers crossed* my hip is still feeling pretty good!

— I’m not sleeping well.  My goal #2 as part of Best Body Bootcamp for this week was to actually get more sleep since last week I got about 6 hours a night (not good).  While I am being better about my bedtime (Wednesday I even chose sleep over a morning workout), it’s hard to feel better about my night’s sleep when I’m waking up in sweats and tossing and turning all night?  Last night was the only night I actually slept through the night!  Grrr.  Does it still count as achieving my goal when my intentions are there?  I’m not sure.

— Probably the reason I slept through the night last night:

I don’t usually drink alcohol during the week, but this week was just too much for me to handle.  Last night I needed a cold beer.  Or two.  And I refused to do anything productive except for planning my playlist this morning.  Couch + Tim + Longboard + The Wire + Cucumber Salad (couldn’t bring myself to eat anything warm last night) = happy Athena.

— Do you guys ever have days where you drink SO much water but you never feel hydrated enough?  Yesterday I was legit chugging H20 (and therefore peeing up a storm all day) and it just wasn’t helping.  I gave in and drank some soda.  It helped.

Love ginger ale.  I usually only drink it on planes?

— Here’s the Awk Spot part — Who remembers SKORTS?  My roommates and I just spent a good amount of time laughing about skorts because Katrina asked Bridget and I what we are planning on wearing out tonight and I said “shorts” at the same time Bridget said “a skirt.”  Once we started giggling about skorts, I immediately pictured this God awful outfit my mother used to dress me in when I was in fifth grade (the year I was pre-braces, looked like a boy, and tried to cut my own bangs).

Did I have any friends in 5th grade?  I’m starting to wonder.  That skort is legit halfway up my body and down to my knees.  That used to be my FAVORITE shirt though, let me tell you.  Mom, all I have to say is WHY?!

And now that I think about it, I wore high shorts a LOT.  Check out the only loser snail in the third grade talking tide pool play with white shorts up to their nipples:

Darn it!

But you know what?  There’s no excuse for this one:

Definitely was old enough to pick out my own outfits there.  Uncle Chris, why didn’t you tell me to change my outfit and to stop standing in 5th position?  Woof.  I’m holding this against you.

Addendum:  This sentence added in right before I clicked ‘publish.’  My other roommate Slesh just called me to see if I wanted a Dunks coffee and she asked what I’m doing.  I said “giggling about skorts” and her response?  “Omg I still own one and still wear it!  Should I not?”  I’ll let you guys decide. 

–I’m single (kidding!) manless this weekend while Tim is away on a boys only camping trip.  Ensue lots of much-needed catching up with people I haven’t seen in forevski.  Slesh’s birthday celebration tonight, day of fun with Erin tomorrow, and seeing my brother, cousin, and god-daughter on Sunday.  Yay for catching up with awesome people!

— Finally, congrats to my cousin Alaina and her husband Troy who had their first baby yesterday!  Little Myles was born at 5:25 am (right as my alarm was going off for Circuit!) and everyone is happy & healthy.

Leave a random comment about one of the random things I just wrote about.  🙂

Happy *almost* Weekend, everyone!