Your step by step guide to creating nutrient dense smoothies that keep you satisfied and full!

Smoothies make for a great option for a quick, easy, and no-cook meal or snack on the go.

When made with a balanced combination of nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients, smoothies can taste delicious, nourish your bodies, and also keep you full for hours… without feeling overly stuffed or bloated.

Smoothies are also a great post-workout option, and they can be a really easy way to get a solid amount of fruit and veggie servings in at once for your fiber and micronutrients!

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Hi there!

I’m Athena Concannon, ACSM certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition L1 certified nutrition coach. I’m the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena and the creator of Smoothies Made Simple.

In my online coaching business, I have helped hundreds of women simplify their fitness and nutrition, feel more confident in their own skin, and find a more empowered approach to moving and fueling their bodies than what diet culture and mainstream messaging says we need to do.

This includes helping my clients actually ENJOY how they eat all while supporting their efforts in the gym!

As my long term clients say, I help them not diet, but live.

I created this guide to provide you with some delicious and nutritious smoothie ideas that 1) won’t have you eating like a bird, 2) are made with accessible ingredients (no matcha and wheatgrass in this guide), and 3) will give you some peace of mind knowing you are starting (or ending – yes smoothies can be dinner too!) your day by fueling your body with fruit and veggies.

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