FRIDAY AT LAST!!  WOOHOO.  I don’t even care that it’s Friday the 13th because you know what is thrilling right now?  Having absolutely ZERO plans this weekend.  I couldn’t be happier for so… much… TIME.  To do thrilling things like clean out my closet.  No, seriously.

Anyway, since it’s Friday I suppose I should post last week’s eats before they merge into this week’s.  I feel like last week’s food was kinda random and all over the place.


Lunch was quinoa because I was in post birthday recovery mode.  It hit the spot after this workout.  Dinner was homemade Hawaiian BBQ pizza.  I love me some homemade pizza nights!  It was the perfect dinner to eat while we finished Season 1 of New Girl.  Love. That. Show.


Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

Monday was Labor Day, and we had the day off from work.  The weather was pretty crappy, but we didn’t want to just sit around so we headed to Newburyport for a couple of hours.  We had lunch at a place called Loretta, walked around some shops, and then got fro yo before heading home.

My lunch consisted of roasted red pepper soup (it was chilly outside) and a pear salad.  Totally hit the spot.

Pear Salad

The fro yo stole the show though!  I got pumpkin flavored with graham cracker crumbs, slivered almonds, and dark chocolate chips.  Perfect treat for the unofficial end of summer and beginning of fall, don’t ya think?

Frozen Yogurt

Monday night for dinner was… umm… I have no clue.  Pretty sure we just had eggs or something like that.  I can’t remember!

For lunch… fruit and barley salad on greens.

Barley fruit salad

Tuesday night was a red meat kind of night.  We stocked up on steaks from Whole Foods the week before because they were on sale.  Tim made a delicious dry rub, and we finished up the leftover side dishes (asparagus and mushrooms) from my birthday dinner at Towne.

Dry Rub Steak

Same lunch as Tuesday… and dinner ended up being consumed at Panera.  Just a salad, no picture.  Sometimes life gets in the way of your original meal plan.

Lunch was another quinoa — red quinoa with tomatoes, black beans, scallions, and lima beans.  Meh.  Wasn’t that thrilling, and totally NOT worth the hassle of soaking the beans!  NEVER AGAIN.

Red Quinoa with Lima Beans

Dinner was at Cambridge Brewing Company with my family!  I loved my meal.  I ordered the roasted salmon with ratatouille and pesto.  Topped with crispy potatoes.

Cambridge Brewing Company Salmon

Another day of no pictures.  Lunch was the same as Thursday, and dinner was at a random deli on the way to Ashley and Bret’s pre-wedding beach bonfire.  I got your regular old salad with grilled chicken.

Sandwiches on the beach for lunch, wedding meal for dinner!  And CAKE – I wish I snapped a pic of my piece of cake because it was the size of my head and I happily gobbled up every single bit.

Ashley and Bret's Wedding Dinner

That’s all I have for today!  I can’t wait to start making more exciting breakfasts once the seasons really change.  I never feel like having a big breakfast in the summer, and I usually want to grab a yogurt and get on with my day when it’s sunny and nice out.  But once it’s chilly… game changer!

What’s up for the weekend, you guys?  Going out or staying in?