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The Push-Up Project

The training protocol you need to unleash your inner badass, build total body strength, and find your full push-up potential.

NORMALLY $97, you get a 12-week DIY total body strength program with 3 lifts per week. It includes warm-ups, sample workout schedules, and a workout companion guide with everything you need to know about proper progressions, recovery, and more.

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Legit Fit Training Bundle

The fitness, meal prep, and self care parts of your lifestyle, wrapped up in one pretty package!

NORMALLY $199, you get an 8-week strength training program with 1 upper, 1 lower, and 1 full body lift + bonus bodyweight cardio workouts, core crushers, arm burners, and more to sprinkle in for variety. This program also comes with a Meal Prep Makeover Kit with recipe ideas and meal prep tips + the Healthy Habits Helper to make sure you are prioritizing self care along with your workouts and meals.

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Fit On the Go

Your anytime, anywhere workout solution

NORMALLY $129, get the library of over 100 workouts that Athena and her clients use for supplemental cardio, busy days, travel, or when you simply feel like switching things up. Divided into categories for dumbbells, bench, band, bodyweight, stairs, track, playground, and more, there is something for everyone!

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Holiday Headstart

Your time-saving fitness + nutrition solution through the holiday season

NORMALLY $149, you get a 5-week program to carry you through the holiday season. It includes 2 full body strength workouts per week, 10 bonus cardio workouts, a workout tracker, a Big Holiday Meal Guide, and the Fuel Your Holidays recipe collection.

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Daily Stretch Pack

A collection of 7 ten-minute or less guided stretch flows, one for each day of the week

NORMALLY $27, you will get the 7 stretch flows to enhance your workout performance. Use as warm-ups, movement on recovery days, or part of daily self care.

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Fired Up Finishers

A collection of 10 ten-minute or less quickie cardio workouts 

NORMALLY $27, you will get the 10 efficient and effective cardio ideas that can be used as stand alone workouts on busy days or for a cardio boost after a strength workout.

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Crunch-Free Core

A catalog of effective crunch-free core exercises + a collection of 8 ten-minute or less core workouts

NORMALLY $27, get the crunch-free exercise collection +  workouts to get you started with moving better in your daily life, preventing injury, improving posture, and having strong abs.

Use coupon code CYBERMONDAY20 at checkout

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