Love them and hate them.

I hated them Monday night when I was taking spin class.

I loved them last night when I was teaching spin class.

Here’s my playlist / workout from last night:

  1. Speed of Sound – Coldplay (Open)
  2. Elevation – U2 (Warmup)
  3. That’s Not My Name – Ting Tangs (High 3rd / Low 3rd)
  4. Man Eater – Nelly Furtado (Jumps)
  5. Da Funk – Daft Punk (Climb #1, out of seat)
  6. Judas – Lady Gaga (All Positions)
  7. Hotel California – Eagles (Climb #2, in the seat)
  8. Really long techno song that I don’t know the name or artist for (Sprint Intervals)
  9. Memories – David Guetta (Sprint Intervals)
  10. Jai Ho – A.R. Rahman (Sprint Intervals)
  11. Meaning – Gavin Degraw (Cooldown)
  12. Neon – John Mayer (Stretch)

For the sprint intervals we did 2 minute sprints / 1 minute recoveries for 4 sets, then 1 minute sprints / 30 second recoveries for 5 sets.

On the last 1 minute sprint, I said “Last one!”  Then I got a LOT of dirty looks because when we finished that “last” 1 minute sprint, I said “Just kidding, let’s do one more to finish.”  And then we did one final 2 minute one.


I get such enjoyment out of telling my classes we are on the last set of something, only to finish and then say “I lied, keep going!” or “Juuuuuust kidding, one more set!”

I’m so evil.

Back to the interval training.  Interval training involves repeated periods of intense physical activity alternating with periods of recovery.  I may not have all the science behind it down pat, but basically interval training is the best way to burn fat in a short but also intense workout.  Not only does it increase endurance capacity in a less amount of time than it takes to increase endurance capacity with regular aerobic training, but one of the major (and my favorite!) benefits that interval training provides is an increase in your resting metabolic rate post-workout.  What does that mean?  You burn more calories when simply sitting or sleeping after your workout than someone that does not partake in interval training .  Boo Ya!

A lot of people think that the more time spent on a cardio machine, the better result.  FALSE.  Huuuuuge pet peeve of mine, you people that fall into this category!  If you are plateauing with your workouts, try adding some interval training in – whether it be with sprints on a treadmill, sprints while cycling, or high intensity cardio moves (burpees, jumping jacks, etc) in between strength training.  I guarantee you see results faster than you will with a daily hour of cardio at the same pace the whole time!

Just some food for thought.
Do you do any interval training or workouts?  Please share!