This week I rocked a 90’s playlist for Circuit Training class.  Last week’s 80’s playlist was so successful that I knew 90’s would be really fun too.

How could it not be, with this unbelievable lineup of tunes:

There was a lot of giggling as each song came on!  And a lot of YESSSSing.  And people saying, “OMG stoppit!” and “Really, Athena?”

The “really” was mostly for Right Said Fred.  “I’m too sexy for my cat” is hilarious to do glute presses to!

The Tuesday night crowd seemed a biiiiiiit more into it than the Thursday morning folks.  This might have been a little too much for 6 in the morning.

Here’s the workout I did on Tuesday!

90’s Circuit Training Workout

With a proper warmup & cooldown of course…

PART ONE – Two Groups

Directions:  Split class into two groups.  The first group should find a spot against a wall, keep a mat and weights near you.  The second group should congregate in the middle of the room.  Have the class alternate between exercises, doing each round of the circuit for 2 minutes total (as many as you can do in that time)

Combination 1

  • Wall:  8 front punches, 2 jump squats, roll down to the ground (on mat) and roll right back up
  • Center:  Alternate between 10 jumping jacks and 10 speed skates

Combination 2

  • Wall:  Alternate between 10 oblique crunches w/ a jab punch and 10 regular crunch pulses
  • Center:  Alternate between 10 seconds of jump rope and 10 seconds of wide foot jogs

Combination 3

  • Wall:  Alternate between 10 pushups w/rows and 10 mountain climbers.  This got tough for them after 1 minute so I gave the option of holding a plank for the second minute if need be.
  • Center:  Shuffles in a circle to the right (1 minute), shuffles in a circle to the left (1 minute)

Combination 4

  • Wall:  Wall Sit + Bicep Curls.  After one minute, bicep curls to the side instead of front.
  • Center:  Alternate between 10 high knees regular and 10 wide high knees (awk move of the night!)

PART TWO – In the Center

Directions:  Have everyone get their weights and a mat and find a spot in the middle of the room.  Finish class with stationary work.

  • Single Arm Tricep Kickbacks
  • More bicep work:  Half a bicep curl up, push out, pull in, lower
  • Plie Squat Series:  8 down for 3 up for 1’s, 8 down for 1 up for 3’s, 8 regulars, 8 pulses, 4 pulses with right heel popped, 4 pulses with left heel popped, 8 final pulses with both heels popped.  Killer!
  • Glute Presses:  2 sets of regulars, 1 set of cross overs, 1 more set of regulars, 1 set of pulses then hold & squeeze.  Do on each side
  • Closing Ab Work
    – On all fours, opposite arms & legs reach and pull
    – On back, reverse curls
    – On back, push legs up and push legs out combo
    – On back, climb the rope series
    – Plank & side plank combo to finish

Random outburst of running man and other sweet 90’s dance moves?


What are your favorite 90’s songs to work out to?!