Morning, friends.  How’s everyone’s week going?

Yesterday I woke up to find a dent in my car!  Looks like someone kindly backed into my car overnight and drove away.  My driver side door now doesn’t open more than an inch!  Since my body isn’t only an inch thick, I now have to crawl through the passenger seat and over the hump to operate the Camry.  I guess all that climbing will burn some extra calories right?!   Grrr.  Hopefully I get that figured out soon!

On another note, I had a fabulous Two a Day Tuesday (don’t I always?) and will try to post the workout and playlist soon.

Moving along!

I just realized I haven’t done a restaurant post in some time.

My friend Erin threw her husband Hank a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday night at Jake & Joe’s in Norwood.  It was a fun night with our own private tables, big tv’s for the Pats game, great food, Shock Top, bead necklaces, and fun friends.  Sadly, my camera has been acting up and I did not get to capture the night.  After the party, Tim and I crashed at our friend Geoff’s apartment.  Geoff conveniently lives right behind Jake & Joe’s and kindly let us stay the night so we would not need to drive home afterward.  Thank you Geoff for setting up the double date sleepover, but I’m not thanking you for providing the bag of Doritos we housed when we got there.

Clearly a double date sleepover implies a double date brunch in the morning.

We headed to Murph’s Place, this little diner down the street from Geoff’s apartment.

Diner?!  I was obviously in.

The restaurant was very cute.  Definitely a family oriented restaurant.  It was a little small, but don’t you expect that out of a diner?  I’m glad we got there when we did, around 10:30, because we didn’t have to wait at all and there was a line out the door not long after we were seated.  The place had fun decorations, like this huge fork and spoon!

There were a lot of options on the menu to satisfy both breakfast and lunch needs.  I was craving feta (I haven’t had feta in quite some time, if you can believe that!) so I ordered the feta and spinach omelet made with egg whites.  I got a side of wheat toast, and instead of home fries I asked the waitress if she could substitute a fruit cup.

Coffee was just a given.

Once my meal arrived, I was bummed because I realized I forgot to ask for my toast dry.  I absolutely hate when restaurants use too much butter on their toast.  This toast was a little soggy, but I ate it anyways.  Except for the piece that I accidentally dropped on the floor!  Shoot.

At least the dropping of the toast made for a funny Facebook page comment afterward:

Despite the butter fail, I enjoyed my breakfast!  I pretty much INHALED my omelet.

We love hanging out with Trina & Geoff!

Where is your favorite place to get Sunday brunch?  What’s your favorite kind of omelet?  What are your tricks to making breakfast out a healthier meal?