Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!  For today I thought it would be fun to post a blog survey.  I had bookmarked Tina’s, Tina’s, Lindsay’s, and Janetha’s months ago (or so it seems) with full intentions of posting my own.  I’m just getting around to it now!  Here are 26 simple things I enjoy and am grateful for in my life, from A to Z!

The Simple Things A-Z

A – Autumn.  So many awesome things about this season!


B – Brothers.  Well, I should say brother since I only have one.  He is the ONLY person that can 100% truly understand.


C – Challenges.  How else are you supposed to learn and grow?


D – Date Nights! Necessary for fun and different ways to spend time together.


E – Exercise.  Because without it I would be a raging beast?  Oh, and all those other health benefits it brings too.


F – Friends/Family.  You guys are pretty awesome.  I guess.


G – Giggling.  It just feels so good to laugh!


H – Hugs.  Name one person that doesn’t like a good hug.  Sometimes you just need one.


I – Iced Coffee.  Favorite way to treat myself!  


J – July 4th.  It’s my favorite holiday!


K – Kickboxing.  My favorite type of cardio.


L – Lists.  As you know, there’s nothing better than a tackled and complete to do list.


M – Mojitos.  Frozen and delicious.


N – Not setting an alarm clock.  When your clock goes off before 7am every day, NOT groaning as you set the alarm from the night before feels oh so good.


O – Ocean.  I could never live somewhere that wasn’t close to the ocean.


P – Planks!  My favorite exercise. 


Q – Quotes.  Sometimes you just need a little motivation and inspiration.


R – Reading.  Can’t beat curling up with a good book.


S – Sunshine.  Instant upper.  


T – Tim.  I love him.


U – Unbuttoning my pants after a big meal.  Aka V-necking it.  When you are SO full, it’s the best feeling.


V – Vacations.  Necessary.  Relaxing.  Fun.  Even if we don’t get enough of them!


W – Wine.  Who doesn’t love a good goblet?


X – Xtra Time.  Okay, I cheated a bit on this one but seriously.  When you are a very busy person, any extra time in the day is a blessing!


Y – Y Family.  Because I practically live there and I love our little community.


Z – Zzz’s.  Something I don’t get nearly enough of!


Your turn to tell me about something simple you are grateful for!  Pick a letter, or a few, and tell me about a simple thing you appreciate in your life!

Enjoy the beautiful day!