I am so happy to be back to my normal eating/fitness schedule.  I feel so much better.

Today’s Meals

Breakfast:  Vanilla Chobani yogurt with blueberries and maple granola

Snack:  100 calorie pack of raw almonds

Lunch:  Mixed salad greens with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, leftover salmon (yessss), and shredded mozzerella.  With light balsamic vinaigrette.  And green grapes on the side.

Afternoon Snack #1:  Banana

Afternoon Snack #2:  Peach

Dinner:  Stir Fry!  Shrimp, red pepper, yellow squash, green zucchini, and snap peas cooked in Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki Sauce.

I also had a glass of lemonade mixed with seltzer water, which was super refreshing after being back to my Two-A-Day Tuesday night workout session!

Today’s Exercise

Teresa subbed for Liz’s Kix class.  She did a great job, but we definitely missed Liz!  And I did another Swiss Ball themed class.  My mom used her BuyWithMe deal and came to try out both classes.  And Bridget came to Kix!  Loving having people I know in class. 🙂

Here’s my workout:


Combination One

  • Cardio:  Bob & weaves, holding the ball in front of you.  Then take it to a step-together-step, swinging the ball overhead.
  • Legs:  Squats holding the ball overhead.
  • Biceps:  Bicep curls to the front with the right foot balancing on the Swiss ball.

Repeat with the same cardio, plie squats with the ball in front of the chest, and bicep curls with the left foot up.

Combination Two

  • Cardio:  High knees up to the ball
  • Legs:  Single leg lunges with back foot on the ball, combined with hammer curls (lighter weights)
  • Chest:  Overhead chest press & flies while bridging on the ball

Repeat with same cardio, single leg lunges on the other side, and pushups with feet on the ball for chest

Combination Three

  • Cardio:  Jumping Jacks for feet, pressing the ball in front of chest.   Then runners holding the ball.
  • Triceps:  Overhead extension, sitting on the ball
  • Back:  Lying prone on the ball, reverse crunch up and twist for obliques

Repeat with same cardio, single arm tricep extensions lying on the ball, then rear delt lateral raises sitting on ball

Combination Four

  • Cardio:  Speed skate pushing the ball toward the opposite foot
  • Hams / Calves / Glutes:  Lying flat on mat with feet on ball, roll ball in and out with feet
  • Abs:  Ball in between feet, lying on floor, holding weight.  Lower ball in feet and weight overhead at same time.

Repeat with same cardio, feet flat on the ball with knee raises, and then pass throughs of the ball from feet to hands and back without the weight.

Combination Five

  • Cardio:  Side to side leg swings holding the ball overhead
  • Shoulders:  Sitting on ball, V raises right into overhead presses
  • Inner Thigh:  Lying on mat, feet over hips with ball in between feet.  Squeezing feet into ball.I

I didn’t have time to repeat what I had planned, so we just did some sitting ball jacks and then went right to the last ab moves.

Ab Combo

  • Sitbacks holding ball in front of body
  • Oblique twists side to side holding ball
  • Plank with feet on ball
  • Jackknife on ball
  • Pike on ball

Cooldown / Stretch

I can’t wait to be sore tomorrow.  Goodnight!